Sheaths bought at Knob Creek

Dec 1, 2005
I was at a gun/knife show in Duluth, Minn. today and was talking to a dealer (EDITED.). He stated that they have sold sheaths to folks that have purchased Busse knives while they were at Knob Creek. I am assuming they were "Spec Ops" because that is a line of gear they have in their shop and at the shows I have seen them at. Good people, and I always seem to leave lots of money at their table or store. Always happy with what I get too! Anyway, my question is to those who have been to Knob Creek and purchased sheaths from them: What brand were they? (I didn't ask at the time) and, What knives were they for? Did they fit well?

By the way I scored some new USGI M14 mags still in the paper wrap dated 1963!!! Awesome find. Like I said, I'm always happy with them.

(mods: this is not a plug for the dealer, just a sheath question) I EDITED SO NO ONE WOULD LISTAKE IT FOR A PLUG....... DEALER NAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTION ASKED
Would someone be so kind as to explain the Knob Creek thing? Are we talking the gun range here? Is there a Busse treasure waiting there or only during their machine gun shoot or periodically with no rhyme or reason? Or should I visit the farm where Abraham Lincoln lived? :confused:
There was a dealer at Knob Creek who sold Spec Ops sheaths at a pretty good price. I seem to recall Ronybear buying a couple as we wandered the tables.

ETC - Yes, Busse has a booth during the machinegun shoots. But... but... they **NEVER** have anything until the last day. DO NOT come early. ;)
PM...I missed you and a good price on Spec ops sheaths!!!! That's it..I am going back in April for sure!
I snagged a BBSHSH this past spring at the Shoot. It was my first visit and the sounds had me grinning from ear to ear.

The BB came with the original eagle sheath so I didn't check out the Spec Ops sheaths, but I know that several buyers went directly from the Busse/Swamp Rat table to get a sheath.
I plan on attending my first Knob Creek shoot in April. Hope to snag some blades too! After renting a couple machine guns!
To answer Puuko's question, many dealers there had secondary market/commercially available sheaths.

No "dealers" are specifically factory authorized, as far as I know, to supply commercial sheaths.

Busse does, as you are most likely aware, engage several sheath makers to make sheaths specifically for the Busse product line, with the responsibility of contact being on the customer.

Hope this helps.
thatmguy, Thanks, I am aware of the different sheath makers, but I was wondering if the sheaths he sold would fit any Busse knives in particular and how the fit was. Thanks for the help.