Mar 29, 1999
I recently purchased a CASE folding knife. I posted a topic before about the CASE knife and the people that replied told me to say how the knife is when I get it. Well, it is a really nice knife, I really like it. It has stag handles and a clip point blade. But it did not come with a sheath, so I was wondering if anybody knew a good custom sheath making on the net?
Email this gentleman Nan and you will not be disappointed. Go look at the thread: Another Gary Graley Masterpiece.

Gary's email is:

You will get a great sheath, I promise.



I would just look look up one of the Case dealers,and order the leather case for the copperlocks they retail for $10.00.Take care,RS
Hi Joe, as I said, I'd post the photo of the combo sheath that you requested, to hold both a small sharpening stone and your Case folder. The image is from a scanner, so the light drops off further from the front.


Thanks again for the opportunity to make that for you!

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
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I have a leather sheath made for a Zowada custom by Gary Graley and a custom Kydex sheath made for a Sean Perkin's knife by Chiro 75. Each of these guy's will make you a sheath that is of high quality and a reasonable price-you can't go wrong with either one!!!