Shifting pivot on Chaparral

Apr 29, 2003
Hi! I am pretty new to this subforum so thanks in advance for your help. I don't own many Spydercos but I recently picked up a mint condition Chaparral in Carbon Fiber. I was the third owner, with the first one carrying it and the second owner flipping it. The knife looks and works great but I noticed something peculiar. The pivot that the blade rotates on shifts within the scales. If I pinch both sides between my index and thumb, I can move it up and down, perpendicular to the scales.

When the blade is deployed there is no blade play. When it's closed, the blade is centered but I can move the tip up and down if I pinch the spine with my fingers.

Is this normal? It kind of bothers me because it doesn't "feel" normal but I am not knowledgeable enough to say why it's wrong of if this is broken. Is this some special pivot design by Spyderco?

I asked the first owner and he said he never noticed it and suggested the second owner may have taken the knife apart and perhaps broken some threadlocker on there. I asked the second owner and he denies any such thing.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.
^^^ worth a try cause that's a simple solution...

however, the Chap is engineered with very tight tolerances and so even with a loose pivot you shouldn't be seeing that kind of slop, IMHO.

almost sounds like you have a W&R issue...can you be certain the former owner<s> didn't disassemble the knife and monkey around with it?
When open the lock will keep the blade from moving even if you have a screw loose or a washer missing.
Hi everyone, thanks for your help. I checked last night and the pivot is as tight as can be. To make sure I don't have some strange free spinning one, I tried loosening it briefly and it unscrewed just fine. I only did a quarter turn then tightened again. I also held a torx on both sides to tighten. I cannot be certain the previous owner didn't dissemble it. He claims he did not and at this point it's such a weird problem (and it was a Reddit transaction), I really feel I couldn't "file a claim" with him. Is this something Spyderco warranty/support could help with? I can also take it apart and see if I am missing anything? I would either have to post pictures for you guys to check or maybe I can look at disassembly videos or pictures if I can find any. Thanks.
The screw could be bottoming out. You could grind down the shank so that it can be fastened tighter.
The screw could be bottoming out. You could grind down the shank so that it can be fastened tighter.

This could be it. When I took my Kapara apart to grit blast the clip and screws I noticed that the screw that retains the clip was slightly longer. So, if the longer screw got swapped to the pivot, it could be bottoming out as kniferbro mentioned. I don’t know if the Chap is put together the same way but it might be worth checking out if you suspect the knife has been taken apart.