Shipping knives from Europe to the US

Nov 26, 2016
Hi guys, Hi guys, I want to buy a knife from Europe and send it to my friends in the US.
I don't know whether American law has restrictions on knives like Britain. will there be any legal or tax problems when knife arrive in the United States? The knife are worth about $ 450 and are destined for Oregon.
I am thinking that some people in this forum have experience in purchasing knives from Europe, which will be helpful to me.
I have bought khukuri from England and a Skrama from Finland and there were zero problems and they arrived quickly. I don't think tariffs or tax are an issue unless it's a commercial shipment. I would just fill out whatever forms are needed accurately. The US, as a nation, has no issues with knives of which I'm aware. States have there own rules which should be online somewhere Hope that helps!
I bought two knives from Bulgaria, one took 5 days to get to Washington State, the other took 8 days. Faster than I can mail packages within the states, that and have got several knives from Finland, never had a problem. John
Off topic a little but got quite a few knives from Europe here to Canada no problems.
So I'm also a watch nerd and as you can imagine those easily get very expensive. Last I checked customs fees don't come into play until around 1000 dollars, so you should be fine.

Outside of that customs will inspect the package, see that it's a knife, and move it on through. My last knife from somewuees in eastern europe got here in like 8 days total