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Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by gull wing, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. gull wing

    gull wing

    May 4, 2002
    Was admiring the Shirogorov knives picture thread, beautiful.
    There is no way I will ever get one.
    Is there a less costly knife that is "somewhat" like these beauties?
    I have CRK's.
  2. marchone

    marchone Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 13, 2013
    Cherburkov. Spartan Harsey.
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  3. tyyreaun

    tyyreaun Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 26, 2017
    Try Cheburkov. They have a dealer in Finland that has great prices, and ships internationally, quickly.
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  4. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
    Shiros are amazing for sure, and I would second the Cheburkov notion (and have one on the way). Different style entirely, but if what you value is amazing and smooth flipper action, I have found great success with South African makers like Herucus Blomerus, Andre Thorburn, and Trevor Burger. They run IKBS pivots which use bearings on most of their knives and the action is incredible, as is the build quality and fit and finish. They are also relatively easy to obtain and a full custom knife from these South African makers is often around the price of a series production Shirogorov. Hope this provides an option to consider. I have the greatest respect for Shiro knives and I think no other knife perfectly scratches that itch, but I have been exceptionally happy with all of my South Africa blades.
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  5. CPP

    CPP Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 8, 2014
    If you want an excellent knife there are many brands to choose from, but, if you want a specific brand there is no substitute
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  6. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
    Very much agree with this.
  7. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
    I love his Voron. It’s perfect. Saw his post when he got it awhile ago and couldn’t get it out of my head. Which led to me finally ordering one last night, with some valuable advice from ChazzyP who is very generous with his time and guidance.
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  8. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
  9. SeppukuSamurai

    SeppukuSamurai Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 19, 2014
    Spartan Blades and Cheburkov are both awesome. I wouldnt hesitate to own either one and would be satisfied that what I own is a fantastic knife.

    That said, I have handled dozens of Spartans, a few Cheburkovs, and still only own Shirogorovs. For me, they didn't compare. Shoot, the guy at the Spartan booth at Blade couldn't put my 95T down.

    If you want a Shiro, pay close attention and monitor the secondary market. This forum and Facebook in particular. Great prices to be had, not far off of CRK.

    Shirogorov makes exceptional knives. By the standard metrics, most are flawless. If you're already here, you may as well go all the way. You'll end up here again and we both know it. Lol
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  10. SeppukuSamurai

    SeppukuSamurai Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 19, 2014

    He really is. Awesome guy and a wealth of knowledge.
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  11. ScooterG

    ScooterG You mean Ireland? Yeah, it’s mine. Platinum Member

    Mar 15, 2016
    Could throw Reate into the discussion too as it sounds like a flipper is wanted. They have their own designs and also make some great knives for some great designers; Brian Nadeau, Liong Mah, Ramon Chaves, Kirby Lambert, Tashi Bharucha, Enrique Pena.
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  12. SVTFreak

    SVTFreak Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    Try contacting vladimir_k. He might can help find something a bit closer to the price of your Chris reeves than some of the ones you see. If you're open to a little bit older knife and not so picky about steel, there are some deals to be had.
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  13. SeppukuSamurai

    SeppukuSamurai Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 19, 2014
    I also suggest Reate for similarly excellent execution.
  14. ChazzyP

    ChazzyP Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Dec 27, 2014
    @DCFree and @SeppukuSamurai , you guys are too kind.

    As y'all may recall, I've been toting around the F95NL World Tour knife for the past three weeks, compliments of the Shirogorov Workshop and organized by their rep Tom over at USN. I really enjoyed carrying and using the knife and think that Shiro has done a very good thing continuing to make serial production knives with pre-R features, creating lower price points for knives of no lesser quality, just more modest materials and simpler manufacture.

    For those of you with USN access, here's a link to my impressions of the NL. Here's a few of the goodbye pics I shot this morning before boxing the NL up and sending it along to its next stop on the World Tour.



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  15. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
    Those are beautiful photos. Couldn’t access the link, but will figure it out. And ChazzyP and Seppuku in all sincerity one thing I have appreciated about both of you (and so many on BF) is how welcoming and helpful the community is. I joined here several months ago and the two of you were two of the first I interacted with. Clearly it is a Sensei Kohai type of culture here, but it’s so cool to be able to get such good advice and perspective. Which has led to an accelerated learning curve and very expensive new friends.
  16. JimMD


    Dec 6, 2017
    The Koenig Arius exhibits many of the qualities for which Shiro is known: impeccable construction, built to be used, consistent action.

    If you want to stick with Russian manufacturers, CKF has put out some really impressive knives lately for much less than similar Shiros. One Russian maker that’s not as well known is Sander Limited aka Sander & Ko — knives by Andrei Sander. They will have new models this fall.
  17. SeppukuSamurai

    SeppukuSamurai Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 19, 2014
    The earlier editions of this knife are very close to directly ripping off the Sinkevich/Shiro Jean's collaboration.

    Many of his knives are...heavily inspired. I liked them enough, when I handled them Blade, but many were....close.

    Just a fair warning, you research and you decide.
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  18. Pharmagator

    Pharmagator Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 17, 2010

    FYI... you hang around these fine fellows... ChazzyP and Seppuku... you will end up owning a Shirogorov....
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  19. DCFree

    DCFree Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2019
    Um, that has happened. And a couple of Cherburkovs on the way also thanks to the influence of these honorable gentlemen. But I’m sure this addiction will fade soon. : )

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