Shmackey vs. the Sharpmaker

May 5, 2000
I was sharpening everything in sight with my Spydie 204 (again), when I decided to use the base feature to make the rods into a kind of flat stone. Turns out I got really good results. It might be because I have pretty coordinated hands, so I can keep the angle consistent; I can also adjust the pressure more easily than with the "normal" way of using the sharpmaker.

So...I'm looking into some normal stones. I know this has been discussed before (and I've read the FAQs), but I just want to make sure: can I just get a couple of DMT stones (say, medium and fine) and freehand to my heart's content? I don't want to have to use liquids, so no traditional stones for me.

If you're going the DMT route, look for one of the new double-sided stones. I'm not sure what all of the possible combinations are, but I'd make sure one side is Extra coarse (Black). You really don't need to get fine or extra fine, since the Sharpmaker already has those bases covered. The Extra Coarse DMT sharpener is king when it comes time to remove significant amounts of metal.

And no, you don't need to mess with liquids when using the DMT, although the manufacturer recommends rinsing the metal filings off with water as you go. But you don't have to. I've done it both ways.

David Rock

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Stop when you get to bone.
I know that these are not diamond stones but have you check these out yet?

You can use their guide or free hand.

This system is definately on my wish list.

Also, I would highly recommend their book "The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening" by John Juranitch.
It is a very simple to follow book that takes you step by step through the mechanics of sharpening on just about every blade made. I thought that I understood alot regarding sharpening until I read this book. I can't stress how much this book has opened up my eyes on this subject.
Even if you don't use their system I would still check out the book. Trust me!!

--The Raptor--

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DMT stones are great for reprofiling and removing metal, but they don't give a very smooth edge from reports I've heard. You may want to get the diamond stones and then a ceramic or fine Razor Edge stone to smooth out the edge.
Yea, RoadRunner that has been my experience with DMT diamond. They work well but do leave a rougher edge than their grading would imply.

Roger Blake