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Shop at home done it now.

Oct 16, 1998
SO I come in from heat treating and turn on The Knife Collectors Show for a laugh and they have a nice Russian style Damascus dagger.
THEN they go to a table with two guys siting behind it and the show guy has Gill Hibben's Alien and guess who is siting next to the show guy.
Gil him self.
Now I know why they had an add in the last Blade mag.

Edward Randall Schott

A $15,000 one of a kind 10lb whatzit? The Damascus Dagger is lovely, and nice file work on the Kelly Fighter.


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Are you guys serious?! "Shop At Home" had REAL Damascus, REAL custom made knives AND Gil Hibben? THE same "Shop At Home" that offers a gazillion "every possible purpose knives" for $49.95? MY GOD! There is hope for the world yet! Of course, NOW I've seen everything and there is no longer anything to live for... Oh yes! REAL knives! There's always REAL knives!! Oh Thank GOD! My life flashed before my eyes for a moment there.

What kinda price were they asking for this dagger?

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