Shop tip: what I learned from my problems

Sep 23, 1999
So the last thread I made here was a "damn" type post, where I vented after having problems. So I put away my toys and didn't think about knife making for a while. I work hardened a part of a knife I was trying to drill a 1/4" hole in and I was using dull bits too, and.....

Well, yesterday I found a good bit around the house, took my time and got the hole drilled!! I then drilled 1/8" holes with no problem, and all I have to do (tomorrow) is a bit of file work (thanks to Bruce Evans' help) and off to the heat treater the knife goes.

Here's my tip: don't rush, take your time, enjoy your hobby, and take a break if you need one! Oh, and don't be afraid to e-mail your friendly neighborhood makers. Talking with you non-newbie and newbie makers sure helps.

So, look for magic knot knife pics (FINALLY) in the next few weeks.
Can't wait to se it.
And I am glad to help anyway I can,Please feel free to email me anytime I can help.