Shop Tour


Jan 16, 2006
Here I'll post a few pics of my home away from home. These first two are simply a view from two opposite corners of the shop.



Here I'll add close up of one of my Milling machines. This one actually can double as a Boring Mill. I never it use it like that though.


Here is my Tracing Mill.


Drill press

Verticle Band Saw


A couple belt sanders/grinders. Whichever you like to call them.

My HT Kiln


Cryo Chamber

I have a few others, like Welders ans my main welding table. But they don't pertain directly to knife making so I won't waste anyones time, with that stuff. Unless you guys want to see that as well.

Thanks for looking

So thats where NWA knives are made, pretty cool.. Whats the longest blade you have heat treated in your kiln?
WOW! And you have big deer up there too. Please be careful not to shoot the intruder rolled up in a sleeping bag in the bushes one day. It may be me. If its not. Shoot him.
Thanks Guys. Andy, that deer skull is a tiny one. I hope you were kidding when you said a big deer:) I shot that one one year I was in a slump. That little 5 point was the only buck I had seen all year. I should have let him walk, but, the moment got the best of me.

Did ya see the bullet trap at the end of the first pic:D? Thats where I take out my frustrations.

Thanks for looking
Man, my shop costs would go through the roof if I could fire off a few rounds every time I got frustrated. It'd be like a war zone.

Yea. In the south, we have hot chicks, but small deer. I'd leave. But damn. Look at these chicks.
NICE shop,-home away from home,-I'd partition off part of the upper level throw down a mattress and a microwave and call it home!!That sure beat's stumbling around in 1/2 of a two stall garage.
Oh I've spent the night in here a time or two. I have a whole second half that I didn't post. I have my camper in that section. Along with a few other toys. The spiders are quite large in here though:eek: I hate spiders:thumbdn: I always have to look twice when I open the door in the morning as I always seem to have at least one that likes to drop down on ya. That really wakes ya up:eek:

Very cool Nick, thanks for showing us where your masterpieces are born :thumbup: You should get some pics of some of your spiders next time :) Maybe we can start naming em...
Michelle made me take them down before I took the pics:D

Very nice facilities Nick. Thanks for the peek. Nice work coming out of that building.

Thanks Tom, I shoot .22's thru .44 mag in the shop. I have even fired my .223 and .22-250 in there. I mainly shoot my 10mm as thats usually what I carry.