Shot Show Report and Inside Info!

Oct 2, 1998
Well here is a report from the show.

Spark did such a great job covering the show I don't have as much to say this time but there are a few inside tid bits below.

First Benchmade:
I mentioned these on Benchmade's forum a few months ago and now I am confirming them here.
Discontinued are: The large Pat Crawford's. The smaller one may go next year but if you want the larger ones you better snap them up in a hurry. Also gone are the spikes in both sizes and auto as well. The 3000 series Mel Pardue is also on the chopping block.

I already covered the new models and as predicted 1 new fixed blade and 2 new folders where shown at Shot as well as a broader Ascent line. Les is still wandering how I get this information

Well I will let another cat out of the bag. Want to know what will debut at Blade? Well how about a folder by Allen based on the Aries.

Sorry about the photo. I talked to Allen and told him to send me all his knives and I will give him some great photos in return

Next Columbia River:
I guess I have a reputation of picking winning knives. Last year at Shot I was shown the Stiff KISS. I mentioned to Paul Gillespie (Co Owner) that the tanto is great but a hollow ground clip point would be better and still fit in the same sheath. This year he showed me a prototype (only 3 people saw it) and asked if this would be OK. I said YUP you got a winner and moments later a phone call was made to Taiwan. He was actually waiting for me to say yes. No kidding I was flabbergasted (is that a word?).

I was shown several other prototypes as well. After mentioning some minor changes it appears as some of those will make it possibly by Blade. One is a Wharencliff style neck knife with a large index finger hole. A rounded palm style handle makes for a comfortable grip. Also look for a larger style KISS knife before too long.

Coming soon is a Wharencliff Mirage designed by BladeForums member Jim Hammond as well as the aluminum framed versions. These new models are priced right and the quality is incredible.

Also coming soon small Wharencliff PECK similar to the KISS design, smaller Seahawk and of course the best of all Kit Carson designed M16.

The M16 series will feature spearpoint and Tanto blades in combo or plain edge. The largest model will have what I call the Ass Kicker. It is a bump on the top of the blade over the pivot area when closed. A slight quick snap on this area kicks the blade out. Cool but they wont use the name I have for it

Busse Combat:
Last year Jerry told me how INFI was made. I told him that if he could produce INFI in quantity and bring the price down to be able to produce a manufactured line of knives he would stomp some serious ass. Well this year he debuted the line of Basics. Also he hand picked a select few distributors and I am happy to announce I am one of the few.

Busse knives was right across from Cold Steel which made for some interesting conversations to say the least. I am a distributor for Cold Steel and this made for some queasy moments walking back and forth between both booths. Anyhow I did mention to Lynn Thompson that I would be testing the INFI Basic #9 (same size as Battle Mistress) against the Trail Master and I will post the results right here. I think Lynn is as interested in the results as I am.

Cold Steel:
Several new products were debuted at Shot and you all can see them on their site so I wont go into detail here. The Triple action folder was a subject of topic. The people I talked either loved it or hated it.

For novelty I liked it but if you want a one hand opener forget it. You fold out the handle, open the blade and then fold the handle back down. A locking bar goes behind the blade locking it in place. Is this the strongest lock ever? Could be and I would not argue the mechanism. It features Cold Steels new AUS-10A steel which I must say I am very impressed with. All I want is AUS-10A in a more logical knife like the Voyager line up.

Last year I leaked the secret that Cold Steel would have a liner lock at Shot and they did.

Although the look is not something you may carry everyday the knife is pretty darn cool and comfortable. No matter how you hold it you just want to cut something. Pistol, reverse, sabre does not matter the knife feels right at home. Hollow ground AUS-8A and with a liner lock it is a true one hander. The ball at the base of the handle can be used while the knife is open or closed as a kubaton.

You asked for a smaller Gunsite and now there is a 4" version.

Inside Secrets Shhhhhhhhhh........
Now after years of begging Cold Steel is working on a Wakizashi and if it is successful you will see a Katana and yes all in Carbon V! I told Lynn to spill the beans on the new project to me so I can get a reaction from the forum so here are some specs. 26" overall with a 9 inch handle making it a true 2 hand sword. The sheath is still up in the air but Kydex or Concealex maybe the way to go.

New from Leatherman are 2 new tools. One is called the Flair with a corkscrew and bottle opener along with the usually line up of tools but this time with a fork! The hot new piece from them this year is the Crunch. The Crunch is a new tool design with a locking vice grip. It is much smaller than the Kershaw tool and the pliers fold out in a real unique way. You basically pull the toll apart and reattach it with the pliers locking into place. Hard to describe so you will have to see it in person to fully understand.

This year Ka-Bar has introduced a line of High Tech folders with aluminum scales, liner locks and are you sitting down? D2 Steel! Heat treated to 59-60 HRC, Cryogenics down to -120 and double draw tempering. Available in clip point, drop point, Spear point and Tanto!

New from Kershaw will be another line of Ken Onion designs.
First the Ricochet will be similar to the Task series with a drop point blade. Then the Whirlwind and Black Outs with Polyamide handles, drop point blades and 3 holes cut out in the blade for a high tech look. @ other new Ken Onion designs will be called the Blizzard and will not have the cam mechanism and will be green in color. Some models are discontinued like many of the Talon series to make room for the new models. Look for KILLER prices on the Talons soon.

Buck beefed up it's high tech offerings this year with Carbon Fiber versions of the Odyssey series, a new skeleton handle water sports knife designed by Ed Gillette (top Kayaker). New colors on the Lighting series and a new design fixed blade series called Big Sky.

Ernie was showing off his full line at the Show show. CQC-7's, Ravens,Spec War's and Commanders were all on the table. A new fixed blade called the Police Utility was shown as well as a new neck knife called the La Griffe. A new Dagger designed by former Seal team member and tactical trainer Chris Caracci was also shown. It had a cord rapped handle and was just over 7 1/2" long. All his knives looked to be hits with the crowd and with opened distribution look for them soon at your favorite dealers!

Mission Knives:
Mission debuted it's already in demand Steel MPK. This is going to be a HUGE success. The knife when held is begging for someone to take it out and whack away at something. The feel and ergonomics of the blade shape and handle design are second to none. Look for these to take to the streets soon. Several other models were shown. The MPS now has a little brother in the MPU and both are no nonsense, well designed duty knives each with it's own particular niche use. The MPU was shown with a kick ass sheath which allowed for a multitude of carry options. It seems the makers are really concentrating on the sheaths nowadays as it is nearly a 50/50 decision maker.

Will Fenell and Mike Collins debuted the long awaited Genesis II. It features the same dimensions and characteristics which made the Genesis one a huge hit. The difference is that it now uses a GV-6H Swiss Polymer Alloy Titanium Locking liner. This means only one liner is needed making the overall cost go down. Don't let the one liner fool you this is one tough knife. I was handed a scale made out of the GV-6H material and instructed to break it. I can break boards with just my fingers but not these handles. They are the strongest material for scales I have ever seen! Here is a clue to there strength. Zytel is usually about 12% glass. This stuff is nearly 60%!

Outdoor Edge:
Look for 2 hot new designs to be creeping out of Boulder Colorado soon. One designed by Darrel Ralph will be a affordable version of his now famous Krait folder. All the same dimensions as the original these knives will feature Sandvick 12C27 stainless blades at a retail price point of less than $50! WOW! The new Impulse models should be arriving at your favorite dealers before too long.

The other design is by Kit Carson (Funny how members and moderators of BladeForums are hits with the manufacturers as well!). The Magna features a 4" clip point blade with your choice of Aluminum handles (around $90) and Zytel (around $50). It is an extremely thin profile knife but a solid work horse. Both of the new knives have clips which are recessed into the handle of the knives making them non obtrusive and really cool looking. Look for an Outdoor Edge forum here soon Moderated by Rob Cude and of course you can ask resident members Kit and Darrel about their new knives.

Got to meet up with Bob Taylor again this year to see what's new at REKAT. The Rolling lock mechanism has been tested by Sal of Spyderco to an amazingly over 500Lbs 2 1/4" from center! This in my book makes it the strongest lock I believe ever. Spyderco has licensed the lock and the blade design from REKAT so look for them soon from the Spydie camp. I also received a shirt from Bob which clearly states that 9 out of 10 proctologists prefer the Warrior design
Also I was able to meet of with long time friend Bram Frank. He has collaborated with REKAT on a design they call the Escalator. This new design knife will come with a video and a trainer version showing you how to use it. The term Escalator is used because the knife is made in such a way that you can very the level of force necessary to remove the threat al the way from simple strikes with the blade closed (Which hurt like hell BTW) all the way up to fully opened slice and dice. The knife is designed to allow you to manipulate your opponent in various moves. I was used as a test dummy to demonstrate right in the show aisle with a crowd to watch. Spark of course took pictures and it was the closest Bram and I have ever come to fighting. We have been wanting to spar each other for years, maybe one day.

I was reminded by Camillus that last year I had suggested a folder design when I saw the prototype's for the CUDA. Well they made it! Man maybe I should go into knife design rather than distribution. Anyway the new CUDA with a Hawk blade is out and is COOL! Look for a pic soon. Spark took a picture of Phil Gibbs and Wallace Fenell (Yes he is Will's dad) holding my masterpiece
at the Camillus booth. Camillus is really excited about there new presence on the web and are very happy about all the positive and well thought out feedback they get here so thanks guys!

Jim Bagwell signed up with Ontario to produce a new line of fixed blades with coffin handles. These are really nice and several models are available with different handle options.

Many new modles were shown and I will leave this post to the Spyderco forum.

Well that's about it. I think I covered most everything that I believe has not already been covered but if I think of anymore I will post them here. Also we are working on getting the pics ready and we will make a new page for them so you do not have nearly as long download times.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Great stuff Mike!

And from what you and Spark have said, I'm now VERY impatient to receive my Mission MPK-SS (medium sized model)! Sounds like a winner in every respect!!!!

You have really outdone yourself.
It is information like this that really sets bladeforums apart.
I can hardly wait for next year...


Depends on the thickness, but to compare, the new material which EDI uses is much stronger than G-10.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Mike - "strength" is a ticklish issue. No offense intended, but we have learned not to completely trust all claims about strength. We have also found that not all G-10 is created equal. On what information do you base your opinion? We would be happy to break some of anything if you can get us some. What is this material you are speaking of?
Great report!

I especially like the new cold steel liner lock. Your description of how the knife "feels right at home" fits what I imagine when I view the image.

I'm also looking forward to the new Mirage from Jim Hammond. I really like the feel of his first large Mirage (my current daily carry).

Keep up the good work Mike. Those of us who are show-deprived appreciate it.

The material is GV-6H. I can send you a sample and you can compare it with the same thickness of G-10. Both a pretty tough but I think the edge goes to the GV-6H. Maybe your tests can prove otherwise. Either way I am interested in the results.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Excellent report Mike, almost felt like being there. Now I am even more anxious for the Blade Show to arrive so that we can see these and so amny more new ones.


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Mike I thought you were testing a Busse Battle Mistress against the Trailmaster why did you switch to the Basic #9.

And if the basic's are "production" versions what is the reduction in price going to be like? And how much performance is lost in the "modified" INFI.

Hey Mike,

Any scoop from Alan on the type of lock to be employed on the new Aries-based Benchmade?

How about blade grind, saber, flat?



I felt a more fair comparision would be against the Basic #9 since the price is a heck of a lot closer. Jerry agrees and he is as interested in the results as I am and Lynn. The Black Battle Mistress I was going to test was actually a gift from Jerry to me and I think I will keep it for myself and testing it would be fun but at the price it would sell for people would just say "it should beat the Trailmaster at that price". The price on the Basic #9 will be around $258 which is very near the Trailmaster price especially after dealers discount them a few bucks. The modified INFI seems to have about a 20% reduction in overall stats. 1600+ cuts on a 1" hemp rope compared to 1200+ cuts and still shaves. Not bad huh?


The Benchmade Aeries will have an Axis lock. Not sure what the grind will be or for that matter if the name will stick. Hope that helps.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Mike that seems sensible to me. And 20% is nothing to be concerned about considering the reputation that the full INFI models have.

The price seems odd though, a regular BM is only $300, well it depends on the dealer discount. But I for one would just get the full BM unless the geometry was better on the Basic #9 if they were that close in price. Of course the wait for the BM could be a problem for some.

Gerber is making available their shovel/entrenching tool, as well as a roadside motorist aid kit that will retail for around $200.

They have other new stuff coming out, but this is all I really remember right now.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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OK Here is what is new from Gerber.

The neatest thing is the Chameleon.
Info stolen from Gerber.

This revolutionary design will win the hearts of knife enthusiasts worldwide. The patent pending SAF.T.GRIP(tm) System, with its open pivot design, allows for a grip that is comfortable and secure. With your forefinger safely nestled in the cavity, the possibility of slippage or loss of a knife is diminished. The open pivot design also offers an ergonomic hold that reflects the natural position of your hand. This new design also allows the size of the knife to remain relatively small without compromising the comfort or grip. The blade rotates along the circumference of the pivot point for a smooth and easy opening. Once opened, the blade remains locked into position until manually released. The blade lock on these knives is the time tested, patented Bolt-Action locking mechanism. To release the lock, simply push the button away from the blade while rotating the blade back into the handle. The Chameleon comes in three sizes and two blade edges to fit every hand and every use.

For info on more stuff from Gerber check out there new revised web site.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I've been trying to access the REKAT home page in hopes of seeing a pix of the Escalator. Seems the site is down. Any idea what's going on?

Did you or Spark get pix of that model?

Better than that, Bob, I have pics of it in action on Mike Turber. I just need to scan them in....


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