Should I buy a Viele?


Feb 21, 2000
Greetings from the far east.

I have 10 spyderco knives and have been the happiest with the CF dragonfly and G-10 Standard.

I have never handled a Viele before and would like some reassurance from you all that it really is a good knife to get.

How does its lockup compare to an Emerson? It has the offset arc ramp(?) and the eccentric pivot(?) and steel scales plus steel(not titanium)nested liner(?). So maybe it is actually as strong as or even stronger than a CQC-7.

I also only carry tip-down, and I feel that the CQC-7 works better tip-up. If it were used tip-down IWB, I think pressure against the disc might cause it to open accidentally. This would not be a problem with the Viele, which is obviously designed for tip-down use.

Also the small hole of the Viele is a bit of a worry. If I need to use it fast, will I have a problem?

I like the Viele's blade shape, and think it is very practical. The CQC-7 only looks good in chisel-grind style, but then I feel it is not very useful, except for self defence. I don't like to carry knives that I can't use for cutting fruits, opening envelopes, etc.

The Viele is a nice-looking knife, and with the spyderco guarantee of quality, reliabilty and innovation it should not disappoint, but the hardsell of other makers' knives is very distracting.

If anybody here has anything good to say abt the Viele(besides the previous threads), can you please say something here.

It looks like a beautiful knife, but from the pictures there doesn't seem to be much to prevent your hand from sliding onto the blade in a stab. If you had to use it in a self-defense situation, this could be a factor. I would investigate this aspect of it further. (My apologies if this has been covered in a previous review of the knife.)

Best regards,

I own the new Viele in VG10. It is more of a gent's knife than a self defense folder, so the finger cut outs are not as large. I've found the grip to be secure enough for just about any everyday cutting task. But you're right. With this design, I won't be doing any stabbing if I can help it.

I have three vieles and gave away a fourth (as a present). I have the serrated and straight old, and the current reissue with upgrades. IMHO, i think this is an excellent dress knife. I wore one on a suit every day for a couple of years. This is NOT a tactical blade. it'll get you through the office and through the house, but the blade is a bit thin and the handle material is rounded for light cutting rather than defense. I actually prefer the older model over the new one since the changes made to the knife actual distract form the overall aesthetic qualities it used to have. Never had a problem with carry, the blade is fairly loose and the pivot is still pretty decent. razor sharp. I had to get one after seeing it in a write-up of BLADE magazine (i think). first spyderco i ever bought. before then, I was actually a little biased against them, but the viele hooked me pretty well. Sorry Sal, but at least I can come clean!:rolleyes:

if you want tactical, get the starmate!

I have carried an old model Viele with serrations for a few months. I recently acquired a new model with plain blade. The new is definitely the way to go. It's as smooth as the old, but feels much more solid. In fact, they're both so smooth I don't even notice the smallish Spydie-hole. They are every bit as nice as my William Henry for "gentleman" carry, but are large enough to handle all my day to day cutting chores. If I considered it likely that I'd need to apply a serious stab into something (someone?) I'd carry my CRKT KFF or Companion. Since I consider this scenario extremely unlikely, the CRKT's sit home on the dresser while my Viele rides happily in my pocket. I heartily reccommend the new model.


you actually prefer the new model? maybe it's the one i got, but the back scale has a more matte finish and the screw holes looked a little unfinished and raw. I also liked the stainless spacer better. overall, i thought the old model looked a little more refined, and seemed to have more work put into it. the back face of the new knife needs some sort of polish to the overall workmanship. the pivot on the new knife also seems a little overdone, it seems a little out of place with the rest of knife.

i was just thinking that they took away from the "gent's" aspect of the knife when they redid it. I still have the new one to replace my old. maybe if i could put the vg-10 blade on the old body....

toast, I agree that the old style has a bit better appearance overall than the new. As for the dull finish on the back scale, I've been told it was done intentionally to add friction for secure carry clipped to the pocket. I still feel that the solid secure feel created by the new pivot and thicker liner and the VG-10 blade steel make the new one a much better knife.


thanks for the feedback. i totally see your point. i do agree that the steel and the adjustable pivot were absolutely needed to improve the knife. i do think that there was a tradeoff on the aesthetics. to me, this was kinda important since this was a dress knife, and co-worker, managerial, or client sheeple actually ask me if they can take a look at it every now and then. it's a nice complement to a suit and the old just had a little more polish on it. sometimes, though, a starmate feels nice in your pocket in the middle of a manager's meeting....:D

SYK, i hope this helps your decision! the viele will always be a great buy.

Gentlemen, thanks for your replies.

I think if I go for the viele, it will be as a gentlemen's folder rather than a hard-use knife.

I was thinking that it could be a dress knife that could also fulfill a bit of "tactical" requirements. Then my wife could also carry it from time to time. She will only carry the nice-looking(?) knives, and will never carry the tactical-looking starmate or military.

But the viele.....

Anyway, thanks for your replies!

Best wishes from the far east.