Should I cancel?

Jun 16, 2009
Well I placed an order for a sheath about 8 weeks ago and was in contact with Robert via email during that time. Now it's 8 weeks later and i've received no word on my sheath, no reply to my emails and nobody seems to be answering the phone with the mailbox too full for me to leave a message. I've left pm's on two forums, sent emails, and now that i've run across this forum and seen others unable to contact him im even less optimistic that my order will ever be completed. Has anybody heard from Robert recently or is it time to call up my credit card company?
Dude, I did that back and forth with him for almost a year......a friggin year. It's to bad because the product is excellent. The service is unforgivable and not worth the hassel though. I'd report it and cancel.
I posted a general query on another forum asking if anyone had been in touch with Rob, just to know if he was okay. It's gone almost a week without any replies. Him being out of contact for so long just strikes me as strange. I'm a big fan of Rob's work but I think anyone who's been waiting for so long without sheaths or any info as to their status should go ahead and file a dispute to get a refund. If things can be patched up and sorted out later, great. If not, at least you've not let money go down the drain.
I've dealt with Robert before and had no problems whatsoever. He does excellent work. I have no idea what's been going on lately. I hope he is okay.
I wish I was near home, I'd be close enough to drive over and check things out. I hope all is well with him.
There must be something wrong... Im worried about Rob.. Anyone heard anything?

What the hell bro? You trying to scare the shit out of us?;)