should i or shouldnt i........?????


Jan 31, 2001
recently traded for a benchmade sryker prototype - posted about it last wed or thu - got the knife and have had time to really look at it - the box is marked prototype, 910SCG stryker chisel ground, the knife does have carbon fiber handles, chisel ground blade, right handed, marked prototype october '98 on 1 side of the blade, stamped elishewitz on the other side - other than the carbon fiber handles which appear to be thinner than the regular stryker, it appears alot like a regular stryker - it has a ball bearing detent on the liner lock, i guess to secure the blade, dont know if the regular stryker has that or not - but it makes the knife kinda stiff to close, blade is combo regular and serrated -the knife is 100% LNIB, i do not think it has ever even been sharpened - really i dont think its even been handled much-100%for sure- its not REALLY that sharp- i'm sure a unique knife.....

now the problem - i have a modest collection of knives most of which i carry on a semi regular basis- so i dont have to carry the stryker(just for light use) - but i would like to - does that make sense?? well anyway how do ya'll vote, carry it (i really take care of my stuff, not like there would be a lot of visible wear) or stick it back in the box???? right now have been carrying a sebenza large and a spydie matriarch so i'll be ok with out it lol, if thats the way the ball bounces. i dont know, started to sharpen tonite and thought - wow 3 years old, maybe you should leave it alone??? just not sure.....

thanks for the info buds


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I'd carry it. Or get a regular production model and carry that, if you're looking to collect. If you want to carry it, don't worry about the age or collectibility. The best way to derive value from the knife is to use it, IMHO.

I wouldn't carry it. Buy a regular production
BM Stryker instead. Of course this is coming from a guy who carried a Bladeforums Red/Black Carnivore for several months(there are only 20 made) I guess it really doesn't make any difference.
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Buy a user and keep the prototype.IMO


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i would stick it in a safe or on a display.
i bought a Microtech SOCOM Elite with a pre-production blade grind and an anopeen finish (an estimated 500+ were made like this) and i decided to stick it in a safe.
my SOCOM Elite isn't anywhere near as hard to get as a 910 prototype.
i've got other knives i can use (LCC, which i satin finished the bolsters, liners, and blade spine, or a rekat carnivore cub) so i decided to wait it out and see where the SOCOM gets in value.
i might end up buying another SOCOM Elite to use (unless it's a pre-production grind with anopeen finish

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I wouldn't carry it, since you have other good EDCs to use. A prototype? Yeah, I would definitely put it up.

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Hmm, well this is easy enough
If you are going to keep the kife, do not use it. regardless of what anyone says Benchmade prototypes are gaining value, I've been tracking them.

Also, I would absolutely love to see a picture of this knife is possible, think I asked once before, hope im not bothering you

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hey thanks for all the info - oiled it up good tonite and put it in the box, and put the box in the safe - all of you had very valid points, but i guess the best thing to do at this point is to leave it LNIB - heck the darned thing is remarkably similar to my emerson CQC-7, i guess the stryker was what BM made to replace the emerson collaboration when emerson pulled out - they really are similar, suprised no 1 has compared the 2 - BUT the prototype has much much better finish, fitting, lockup,you know, ya can tell this thing wasnt thrown together in 10 minutes ......

am really glad i traded for this knife - bought a spyderco joht singh khalsa plain edge about 3 months ago, never carried because it had a propensity to open in my pocket, when i reached in for keys, change , etc - my hand would bump the pronounced hump on the khalsa and open the blade when i withdrew my hand - not good - cut the pi$$ out of me twice(well not that bad LOL) just a design flaw i think, combined w/loose jeans, big hand - but anyway a guy i know needed my khalsa to complete his spyderco collection, and sent me a list of about 20 knives to trade (i had wanted to sell it) i saw the prototype, and well the rest is history - traded even - well he's real happy and so am I -the best kind of trade, every one is happy- thanks alot for all the good info, and ya'll have a good 1

dark nemisis - sent ya a pic - they arent very good - i dont have a camera yet, spend all my $$ on knives LOL - but sent ya 2 via email that the guy sent me to see what the knife looked like- i dont know how to post pics on this forum - but am gonna get a digital w/in a wk, and will take some good pics and post them ASAP - cant be that hard ......can it?? my nieghbor is a 'computer mom' i'll get het over here and get her to show me how
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Vet95LT1:
recently traded for a benchmade sryker prototype -it has a ball bearing detent on the liner lock, i guess to secure the blade, dont know if the regular stryker has that or not </font>

All of the liner locks I know of have ball detents- as do integral locks. Some may seem "stiffer" than others, but imagine a folding knife like a liner lock or an integral lock without one...the blades wouldn't stay closed, and the side of blade tang would just grind along the inside of the locking bar.


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correct - but it has a ball bearing on the left side (blade up position on the knife) on the blade side of the liner, about half way point on the inside of the liner, 3/16" or so back from the front of the knife, where it rubs on the blade when ya open/shut it - hard to describe, but none of my other liner locks (ie - spyderco, CR, BM AFCK, emerson) have this on them - noticed it when i first got it - will take a pic, whats the old saying a pic is worth a thousand words - and i got an A- in technical writing LOL- but i am at this very moment looking at my BM AFCK large model, and it does not have this bearing on the lock like the other knife ......
Hrrmm...interesting. Toss up a picture if you get a chance, I'm curious to see that.


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