Should i order a plain or a computer gen ?

Nov 14, 2000
I am getting my first Sebenza i like the plain cause i know i can have it redone if i scratch it up and it looks cool how about the computer generated like the solar wind i love that look will it stand up to everyday use should i just get the plain or what

Thanks Tim
Hi Tim,

The Solar Wind is my favored CGG.

For hard use I would buy the plain.

For very light use I would get the S W.
plain or decorated?...chocolate or vanilla?.....sprinkles or no sprinkles?...tough question.....i prefer the plain finishes for everyday use and just cant bring myself to use the decorateds or the inlayed woods...however i know guys who will carry their decorateds as edc and never look back....i tend to be more function than fashion when it comes to my carry knives and would get the plain for my first the real question is whether you are going to get a small or large?:)......feverdoc
I have a large plain lefty on order with Chris i think i will stay with that knife maybe i will get it engraved with my name to give it a personal custom touch

Thanks Tim
To each his own ;). I have the small CGG Line Drive Sebenza that is my EDC. It rides in a G2 canted sheath and gets used multiple times each day. I've been very impressed at how it has held up, and wonder if the polished slabs,color and design hide marks better than the plain models. I thought about getting a plain Sebenza when I ordered mine but, the plain models are just so.... plain.

It looks like you have already made your decision. You can't make a bad choice between the Plain, CGG, Unique or Inlay because they all work the same :D

My decision was based on the fact you can send the Sebenza back to CRK to be reconditioned for just a few dollars :cool:
one of the things i really like about the Seb is the fact you can send it back to be reconditiond so far the people at the reeves shop have been great helping me out with prices and service i am sure i am getting a super knife and great customer service no matter what i will have the computer gen on my mind


Take a trip to the Cape. I have a large and a small plain Sebenza, and a small custom graphic you can play with, and also a few CRK fixed blades ...I might even let you take one home with you!


If possible maybe you could find an LDC Sebenza. I just got my grubby little paws on a small one and think it's a great compromise.

It's got a "custom" design on it, nothing real fancy mind you, and is still 100% bead blasted so it can be refurbed with no problem. One thing I like is that the design is on both sides of the knife. Limited edition or not I plan to make this one a definate user.

There were only 50 smalls and 50 larges made but maybe one of the fine guys here at BF would be willing to sell you theirs. :)

If you can't find one and plan to make it a real user then I would pocket the extra scratch and get a plain model, or go full board and get a woody as I think they can be refurbed (could be wrong though).

Either way have fun!