Should I take my Sebenza to Mexico? HELP

May 29, 2001
HELP!!!! i can't decide if I should take my Sebenza to Mexico with me. I aquired the Sebe to carry, however i hate to take the chance of my luggage getting lost along with one of my most valuable possessions. If i don't take the Sebe i will take my Al Mar Sere2000.
i would appreciate any feedback. I truly want to take my Sebe but I ALSO DON'T WANT TO LOOSE IT. Help me out with what you guys have done.
I don't take anything into Mexico that I want to take back out. Wife and children included.
Stick with the SERE 2000. I would hate to think of a Sebenza in the hands of someone other than its rightful owner. Better yet, carry something cheaper than the SERE........try an Endura II. Lightweight and cheap. I wouldn't feel bad if it got stolen or lost.
Sure, go ahead and take it. And if you have a run in with the law, some Federale will have one hell of a duty knife.
I just returned from Venezuela. Carried on old Spyderco. No regrets, no worries.

Leave the Sebe in the states!

In Mexico, it is the police you need to worry about. I doubt a normal citizen would take it. But if it printed in your pocket and a cop saw it, I'd wager it would be gone in a couple minutes.
Thanks guy's that's what i was leading to anyway i just wnated soem reassurance. i think i will leave my Sere home also i do have a nice Boker/Brend Tactical Folder that is very nice and not expensive. steven dick did and article on it in Tactical Knives March 2000 and he said it will stand up to some hard use.. Again thanks again i knew i could count on my Sebenza friends to help make a not to hard of a decision.
I wouldn't even take the Boker!!!

Go under the assumption that you won't be coming back with it and take something in your collection that you never use, never really look at and it doesn't matter to you one way or the other. As long as it cuts!!!
To certain point the answer depends on what region of Mexico are you going to visit and the activities you have in mind: at rural areas the people usually carries folders with 4" or 5" blades with no problems, but in major cities this is not advisable.

According to the federal law forbidden weapons are: "...the instruments that can only be used to attack and don't have any application in laboral or recreative activities". Trying to prove that your Sebenza doesn't fit into this category may be more difficult if you are in an urban enviroment than if you are camping or something like that.

Any regular folding blade around 3" won't get you in problems unless you are doing something "frankly agressive" or illegal.

Good luck and enjoy your visit to my country, I hope that -despite the prejudices- you'll get a good conception about Mexico.
Well, made it back home from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. HAd a great time the people were fantastic and very friendly. I took the Boker/Brend Tactitcal and it worked out great it is a a good knife i spent quit a bit of time inthe jungle with the locals they were great people and made you feel at home. as a note the Boker did great i thought i would have problems with rust but i kept a good coating of Tuf-Glide on it. Well, THANKS again my friends and hope i can help someone out also..
Glad you had a good time deltaunit! Sorry I didn't see this before you went.

I have never had a problem in Mexico, I worry more about the airlines in the US than the citizens of our neighbor to the south.

As I said so, no big problems with blades in my country.

Did you get a god tan in the beach? Talking about jungles, you should try the ones near Cancun next time.