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should I take the chance?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by fatcat55, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. fatcat55


    Jan 1, 2010
    Local store has a sale on Les Stroud's Camillus knives. I'm giving serious consideration to spending a whopping $25 on the folder just to see first hand what I think of this knife regarding steel and overall quality. The folder is the only one that I might really use often enough to justify buying.

    It is within the price range of the knives I usually buy but I wonder if I am too jaded or even a knife snob because it is 440 and considered by many to be a "gimmick" knife.

    I don't buy anything remotely expensive but own some pretty satisfying knives under the $30 price point. Just received a Mora 2000 and CRKT minimalist bowie and wonder if the Camillus would be "backsliding"...LOL. Will let you know what I think of it if I do buy one tomorrow.
  2. MattyLav


    Jun 28, 2012
    You should get it. And if it turns out that you don't like it you can always sell it or trade it :)
  3. hoxhunbe


    Feb 6, 2012
    If you like Les or Survivorman (or hate Bear and his ripoff show ;)), get it. It's not very expensive, and regardless of everything it is or isn't, it'll still be a knife.
  4. abcdef


    Oct 28, 2005
  5. Bufford

    Bufford Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 13, 2006
    Sounds like you want one. Go for it, its only $25 and it doesn't buy much gas or food these days.
  6. Shorttime


    Oct 16, 2011
    I'd get a RAT-1 with the money.


    It's prettier, too.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
  7. res1cue


    Feb 2, 2010
    Any knife that has someone's name on, you have to realize that is worked into the price.

    For a 25 dollar knife, I would guess 5-10 bucks is going to Les Stroud. Good for him, but you are paying 25 bucks for what would normally be priced at 15-20 dollars.
  8. Fanglekai


    Jan 7, 2007
    I seriously doubt he's getting 20% of the cost in royalties. Probably more like 1-5%.
  9. res1cue


    Feb 2, 2010
    You are right, allow me to rephrase.

    You might be paying 5-10 bucks EXTRA because his name is on it. Part would go to him and part would go to the company as a premium

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