Show Me The Clip!

Double Edge Dave

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Mar 27, 1999
Soapbox time again.I really wish advertisers and manufacturers alike would somehow indicate the clip orientations in their literature. Ruff`s does a great job of this and has gotten business from me because of it.I have also read many magazine articles that never indicate which way the clip is oriented.This is important to me and I would think it is to others as well.It may mean the difference as to wheather or not I buy a knife.Thanks for the opportunity to rave.
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You shouldn't discriminate against a knife because of its clip orientation. You can get in trouble around here.
Amen Bro David! PTL! I was wishing the same thing. Maybe real users are the only ones concerned and Fluff'N'Stuff mags don't really care or carry. The only ones who seem to mention are the ones who write knife fighting with tactical knives type articles.


Does that mean folders with reversible clips are bi... never mind.

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David Williams: "bi..." what? hehehe

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Clip position is less important to me than blade orientation, But I agree, I'd like to know BEFORE I buy the thing!

Idea time. I don't have a folder with a reversable clip. Someone scavange one and put it on a knife that already has a clip on it. Wala, a knife that goes both ways
If one breaks you can carry it on the other side.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb
Not just orientation, but clip style and quality are unknown in most articles or advertisements. I wish companies would advertise their knives by showing the clip side of the knife. I know this is "backwards," but as was already mentioned, function before fashon (unless you're a yuppy).