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Last night I was on the last stage of a USPSA match and I had the worst double feed I've ever seen in real life. It was the first malfunction for that particular pistol after several thousands of rounds and it was a doozy. I was barely able to lock the slide back with a lot of effort, but it still didn't allow enough clearance to strip the magazine. The first round was about two thirds of the way into the chamber and the round underneath it was nosedived, but still hanging in the magazine near the case head. It was STUCK. So after the standard methods of reducing a double feed failed (and dumping a dead soldier and going to a second gun in a USPSA match is not allowed 😁), I pulled my Cold Steel 4Max Scout and used the butt to "tap" top of the magazine. The result was that the magazine dipped just enough to allow the second round to slide back into the feed lips, after which I was able to extract the magazine, rack the slide several times to clear the first rounds, reload, and finish the course of fire. It "only" took 75 seconds, most of which was clearing the malfunction ( :oops: ). However, had I not had a tool with sufficient mass and an appropriate shape to encourage the magazine into a better position, I'd still be standing there staring into the ejection port.

Gun/magazine: 0; Cold Steel 4Max Scout: 1
I used to have issue, combination of weak extractor spring and lacquer causing the surplus steel cases to stuck in the chamber when it gets hot after 3-4 mags.New spring, polishing chamber and a very light oiling of the rounds before load it in the mag fixed the problem, but I used to use my Golden Eye a lot to pray the shells out of the chamber when it happened on my AK74. Another serious testament how useful the tanto tip can be :cool::thumbsup:

Went for a walk in a big old wooded park with the Mrs. today. She found an old brick sticking out of the ground. Brick seemed to say “ PHOENIX” which is a word and symbol very important to my best gal after recovering from cancer several years ago.
She says she wants that brick. I say ok I’ll come back with a shovel later and dig it out. She says “ I thought that new fancy pocket knife was bomb proof. You said you couldn’t break it. You said it was a utility tool that would handle whatever you needed” I said yep. She said good I want that brick now ….View attachment 1731529View attachment 1731528View attachment 1731527View attachment 1731526
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