Sick and tired of the lies

Mar 30, 2004
I ordered a folder in 2013. I know he had some issues with machine shops and some health problems but I have had so many promises I lost count. My last message from read as such

" Your knife will be done next week. It would be done now, but my mom has been in and out of the hospital since last Thursday." That was September 26. Then just yesterday I see him post on facebook that he has just finished 5 ManiAxe's and would be available for sale. WHAT? He has a LIST of outstanding orders that have been paid in Full. Not to mention he's Still taking orders.

Full customs: 21

Professional Grade folders: 28

Professional Grade fixies: 45

Professional Grade axes: 26

Sporky stuff: 24

Trainers: 5

I have been more than patient and have been waiting getting close to 6 years for a midtech. I just want to warn people who don't know what's going on.


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Oct 19, 2013
I had a similar experience with this maker - NOT GOOD!
Without getting into specific details...
My order was paid in full, as per his rules. Order was not completed when he initially told me it would be done - fine, I'm a reasonable person and I understand stuff happens in life.
When I would email him with a polite and respectful inquiry/inquiries, I too kept getting excuse after excuse.
(This was for a mid-tech M16 model with G10 scales - not even a full custom order)
Email after email, time slipping by FAR past the date it was supposed to be made - after even more turmoil with this maker, I eventually got my money back. The refund came with foul language on his part in response to me. VERY unprofessional as well as disappointing - especially since we have met in-person before.

From the get-go, I wanted the knife I ordered, not my money back. I hate to admit, but it was truly a terrible experience with this maker.
I will NEVER buy a piece made or designed by American Kami/DJ Urbanovsky - nor will I ever recommend him or his work!
I don't care how cool or unique a piece is; the maker is what brings a person back - or not.
Be warned all.