Sifu Aluminum Handle, y not?

Mar 22, 2001
It is great news that the Savants are out. (make note to self, BUY ONE)However, since the SIFU is about the best production knife even made:D why not make an aluminum handled version? Then they could make them in colors (still waiting to hear back from a knife smith about making one of mine Blue g-10) and I would think that it might lighten the knife up. What you all think??????
I'd love it, but I think it would be hard on REKAT. There are allready so many variants that have been made. Regular, black blade, red handles, BF special, etc. I would rather have a new knife (pygmi warrior!) than another sifu variant. Rekat is allready making more sifus than anything else, and demand for the current version isn't going to run out anytime soon. I too, would love to see an AL version at some point.
hi - yes i would like a aluminum or Ti version - i dont know how much it would lighten it up, and dont think its TOO heavy now, but do think it would look cool - maybe Ti handles/frame drilling would lighten it up 'ala crawford kasper Ti, but i am not sure how good that would look - would have to see it first - i too think REKAT needs to concentrate on some new stuff, radically different than the previous, to keep from losing out on the market, imho, but i like 'em and hope all goes well whatever direction they go in, i wonder about them sometimes, no attention to forum etc - i have sold thru my buds about 5 sifus who before they saw mine had no clue what REKAT was ....

I wouldn't mind having a Sifu with aluminum scales either (perhaps with "rubber" inserts), but what I'd REALLY like to own is a DA (or "automatic") Sifu!.:).

Actually, I'd be happy just to see Bob and/or Christina return here to the REKAT forums before it ends-up gone, like the (short-lived) Cold Steel Forum that we had here awhile back did...:eek:.
I think the Sifu is perfect as is. I'd like to see REKAT come out with D2E in the Carnivours, Cubs, & Savants, and I'd like to see some new models.