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Sigarms Folder


Dec 10, 2006
Anyone have this knife or knows about the "N690 Cobalt" blade? Other than being a little funky looking I am interested.

Item: SIG3PB
Description: Sigarms SigTac Pterodactyl. 4 3/4" closed linerlock. N690 Cobalt Vanadium steel standard edge blade with black MILSPEC coating and ambidextrous thumb studs. Black G-10 handles with stainless pocket clip. Made in Italy.

My N690 blade on a Benchmade Monochrome is one of the sharpest blade I've got...

Heard about Sigarms, read about them in a review on one of the knife mags, but nothing conclusive, just the usual good stuff...

Hope someone else can shed light on this brand, but if you are asking about N690... it's pretty good.. many have compared it favorably against 440C
N690 is more like VG-10. Extrema Ratio uses it, and the Ontario Hossom's do as well.
Thanks for the post,

I am still surfing for info and I found this from Cliff Stamp:
<<One of the interesting things about N690 is that it is getting promoted now as a "superior" version of 440C due to cobalt, however several years back some of the same people critized the use of cobalt in knife steels (INFI, VG-10) because they were in competition with those steels. One of the many examples of selective logic in steel promotion.>>

I found little on the Sigarms kinves.
Italy seems to be the new knife mecca, and 690Co seems to be the new steel. The only use of this steel I have any first hand knowledge of is with my Ontario Hossom Retribution I, and I like the steel as it holds a nice razor edge although most of my cutting is with paper products. I will say that a lot of these knives coming out of Italy seem to have an excellent build, with great detail to fit and finish.:thumbup: