Signature on Caly-3?

Dec 21, 2006

I just bought a new Caly-3 and a few other Spyderco knives. (Spyder Edge, G-10 handle) It seems perfect but, it looks like some marking (signature?) is on the blade opposite the spyder logo. It does not appear to be scratches. (Unless scratched in a very specific pattern & then filled in with black color like the black of the spyder logo) I looked up the Spyderco Home page description hoping it would mention it but, no. So I hope some of you can confirm it is a signature or deliberate marking & possible explain what it is or what it means.


Yup. That is Sal Glesser's mark, since his son also designs for the company. If you search this sub forum, you can find a thread which has most, if not all, the different maker's marks Spyderco has put on their knives.
I don’t think the link posted complete. Just go to that site & look up Spyderco/Caly-3 to see the pic.

Oh! That mark! I have seen it, I just didn't understand what you were talking about at first. A picture is worth a thousand words!