Silliness from down under

Dec 20, 1998
I just stumbled across this on The Firingline. A proposal to ban knife advertising in Australia.
Well that makes sense. I mean if you think about it, you don't advertise knives then no one will use knives. I mean who would think to get a knife to cut things if they weren't advertised. People would just stand around and think, "You know if someone would advertise something that would seperate that rope into two pieces I would buy it."

Obviously Australia's Gov't is against small business. The custom makers down under are going to be the ones who suffer from this.

I can't even see a lame arguement for this kind of law. At least I can see where some of the anti-gun arguements are coming from. I don't agree with them, but there is something to at least argue.
The same thing has been operative in England for over a year. James Mattis has the text of the law.

What can you expect from a country(GB) whose national dish is a boiled piece of beef?
Here is the text from the site.
Move to cut knife ads
BANNING advertisements for knives will be considered today by the country's attorneys-general and censorship ministers in an attempt to reduce the number of knives throughout the country.
NSW Attorney-General Jeff Shaw will propose a ban on advertisements of "offensive" and "dangerous" weapons, such as "exotic" and "collectable" knives.

The proposal will be presented to the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General, which meets today in Darwin to discuss more than 20 censorship issues, including computer games and X-rated videos, along with law enforcement and other legal matters.

Mr Shaw will tell the meeting that advertisements for collectable or exotic knives glamorised knife ownership, which contradicted NSW Government policy to reduce the number of knives in the community.

Mr Shaw also will propose the issue be referred to the Australasian Police Ministers Council to develop a national ban on owning such knives.

Oh boy! What a way to solve crime. Why just yesterday I saw about a dozen knives run out of my warehouse and chase down people hacking them to death. Damn things, you just can't keep them in line.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I'm embarrassed. Not only is this the first time I've heard of this, the world gets to see the intelligence of our elected representatives.

In the state of New South Wales they have banned the carry of ANY knife regardless of size, here in Queensland you may carry a knife but must have a valid reason for doing so. Self defence is definately a no - no. Other States are considering following New South Wales lead.

You may not import double edged blades but can buy them at most shops that deal in knives.

I can import antique handguns, (providing that the ammunition for them is not readily available), but cannot import replica pistols.

Under the new National gun laws I canot own any firearm, even an air rifle without belonging to a registered gun club or having a letter from a landowner giving me permission to hunt on their land.

If I seriously injure a criminal who has broken into my home I may be liable to prosecution.

This is the state of things in Australia.

God save us from stupid polititians.
It seems to me you have 4 choices.
1. Comply with the law and join the sheeple.
2. Civil Disobediance
3. Revolt
4. Move!

If you choose any options except 1 or 4, I suggest you buy a shovel. When you injure that criminal, injure him all the way and then use the shovel.
I know this post seems a bit flip, but I assure you I'm completely serious.
I'm also depressed.
I've alway harboured a fantasy of moving to Coober Pedy and digging a hole. (Opal mine)
It'll never happen now. I won't livle under a tyrannical government.
I know, that's where we're heading too. I guess when the US gets as bad as Aus is now, I won't live. There's nowhere left to go.

Live free or die.
Does this make me a mad man?
This is just too damn depressing.
Joh, I wouldn't feel too bad about hearing this here first. I doubt the fools are proclaiming this move from the rooftops IN Australia, are they? (Or have they taken away the vote, too?)

Well, now's the time to do something before it goes the way of the gun--is there any way you could form an Australian version of AKTI? I've heard Australians wish for an organization like the NRA but from the sound of it, it would be very difficult to get a membership to organize.

I can't help you with any legal stuff since I don't know anything about Australian laws or constitution. Just shake my head sadly and go on to the next post.

Life is hard enough without suffering fools.
See this is how it starts ,first the people of Australia lose there right to gun ownership now they want to take away their knives. Jeez
There government wants a totaly defenseless population. Can you say comrad Klinton?

I'm so shocked I can bearly write .. it's time to march and FIGHT, this type of thing will happen here and very shortly I predict. Pigs like Sara Brady, Klinton, Etc, Etc, want power and wish to control your life, This can't go on much longer .... or can it ?

Look at Kosovo .. If the people had guns they would be able to fight .. But their vomit sucking govt. did not allow gun ownership .... WONDER WHY !

Your right , I dont trust my govt. I guess I'm a bad, bad boy.

I'm going to the backyard now to kick a tree.

Before this discussion goes completely off the Richter, let's take a moment to read the press release.

1. This is neither law nor proposed law in any state in the Commonwealth. It is a proposal for discussion at a conference of attorneys-general and may well go no further if wiser heads prevail.

2. The proposal does not ban the advertisement of all knives, only "offensive weapons" and "collectibles". "Offensive weapons" includes automatics, balisongs, daggers etc. I can post the full list if anybody is interested. "Collectibles" I take to refer either to "fantasy" knives or the Franklin Mint rubbish, it certainly does not mean the knives from custom makers, not that there are many of them in this country anyway. Note that in NSW lock-backs, liner-locks and one-hand openers are all legal and there is no limit on blade length.

3. Previous references to this proposal in NSW have not refered to banning all advertising, but only advertising for sale by mail order of those items banned as "offensive weapons".

4. Whilst NSW is supposed to have the toughest knife laws in the country, I carry a knife (or 2) daily without any fear of running foul of the law. The law prevents the carry of any knife without a lawful excuse. If I was ever aprehended I trust the impartiality of the judicial system to determine my uses are lawful (unless it is against the law to open a letter
). In reality the law is being used to target muggers and gang members not ageing school teachers.

Even if this proposal did become law I would still expect to see my favourite Spyderco adds in "Wild" magazine. Let the flames begin

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"A witty saying proves nothing." Voltaire :)

Good post......nothing spoils a good story more than a few facts

You beat me to the draw again...and said it better.
Not to say, of course, that we agree with our current knife laws. eh. mate ?

Brian W E
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I think, therefore I am.....I think

you are right about the "lawful excuse", but this comes down to the the attidude of individual police officers. I ride motorcycles and do so in a responsible manner, I have always carried a knife on my belt when touring, as a tool not a weapon. I also carry a multi-tool for the convenience of not having to unpack gear to get at a tool-kit.

At a recent bike rally up here the police stopped every rider entering the rally site and confiscated every knife, regardless of size, including SAKs and multi-tools. If you argued you faced arrest. This rally was in an isolated spot over 150 kilometres from Cairns and everyone was camping out. The fact that everyone was camping was not a valid excuse according to the officers concerned.

The current laws leave it to the discretion of the officer concerned and unless you can afford to fight it later in court then you have to accept it. From my past experiences with the police in Queensland, both good and bad, I have little respect for the judgement of some of them. Open ended laws that leave it to the discretion of individual police officers are in my opinion stupid.

I consider myself to be a responsible law abiding citizen and have carried a knife of some sort most of my life and although I consider it to be a tool, I have had 2 occasions in all this time where I have produced it as a weapon. On these 2 occasions I was faced with a number of assailants and just the sight of my knife was enough to discourage them from taking it any further.
I considered these 2 instances to be life threatening and was prepared to use it. On the few occasions I have been involved in fights, both win and lose, even though I have had a knife I had never considered using it. I consider this to be a responsible attitude towards knife carry but the law makers do not agree.
There has to be a better system where we use education not legislation, or make the laws reliant on "intent" rather than "lawful excuse". Let's face it, the knives that the majority of us carry could hardly be described as weapons of intent. Like most of our laws the majority suffer for the actions of the few, and they seem to be heavily weighted towards the rights of the criminals.

Just my .02 cents worth, sorry if I ranted a bit.


John Smith
(Yes! My name has on occasions caused me grief from some police officers)

You're right, I should of made that clear. Of course I don't agree with the current knife laws, I just wanted to see this debate continue on a more rational basis. As far as saying it better than you, not true, I lack your erudition

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Have you or any of the other bikers taken any action on the event other than to complain to the convinced (us) ?
You ignore that sort of police conduct and it just doesn't go away...gets more entrenched. Even if you don't get your knives back, some copper gets a note on his file.

Brian W E
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I think, therefore I am.....I think

There is always some politician telling us how wiser heads will prevail. Okay, WHEN?

Did wiser heads prevail when the government collected up your guns and crushed them? Did wiser heads prevail when this ridiculous idea about banning knife advertising was first broached? Any sane man would have laughed in the face of the idiot who proposed this lunacy. Yet none did.
How many times do you need to be date raped before you stop going to the dance with the guy? After awhile folks are going to think you like it.

The concept that the laws are only intended for muggers and similar criminal types is the purest BS. I am astounded that anyone still buys it!
I forget who was first quoted with this, but;
"A promise of non prosecution is not the same as a freedom."
What are the promises of politicians worth?
Get real!
I'm sorry if I seem overly abrasive here, It's just that I see the US heading down the same road. The driver (voters) is asleep at the wheel and refuses to wake up.
Exactly. If a man can grant you your rights ("we just have this law, you won't be prosecuted") then you've admitted that they aren't rights, they're privileges to be taken at his discretion. Not a good idea, even if I am guilty of it too.