Silly knife test


Dec 21, 1999
My test of my new Campanion left me feeling so good about it that I decided to push it. The pine tree that I used is a pretty soft wood so I wanted to see what it would do with something harder.There is(was) an oak tree in the neigbors yard that's always dropping acrons on my car.
Down it had to go!
Now nobody can tell me that oaks not a hardwood.This one was about 60 ft. tall and 4 ft.around!!
My fears were shortlived as the Campanion proved itself to be more than a match for this piece of nature. Climbing to the top I started whacking limbs left and right. A raccoon came out of a hole near the top, charged, but when he saw the Campanion he turned and fled. WoW! Talk about intimidation value.
I soon had the tree skinned and wishing to have some token of this victory ,I whittled the trunk into a toothpick which I"m going to have bronzed. I touched up the blade on the side of an old concrete block and it was shaving sharp.
My next test was to see how long it would stay razor sharp. A farmer down the road from me had some sheep to shear
so I loaned him the Campanion.Talk about hairpopping sharp!! All he did was wave it next to the sheep and the wool dropped off.
The sheep didn't fuss or evan realize that anything had happened

To test the strength of the point I went to the local monument maker. After carving about a dozen granite gravemarkers the tip was rolled over.
I think that from now on I won't use anything bigger than a 5 lb. hammer when I do this as The 10 lb. sledge was just plain abuse.

If you guys can think of some other tests let me know and I'll try to see how much this Campanion can take.