Silver Stag/Running Dog Collaboration

Dec 24, 2000
I was up at my local cutlery store today just "browsing"
and found something kind of interesting.

It's a smaller fixed blade by Silver Stag Knives, called the Black Cub. I don't have a digi-cam, but I'll try my hand at including a picture here

It's the top knife in the pic, and it's the only one I could fine at the Silver Stag Knives site.

I've been on somewhat of a quest to find smaller fixed blades, specifically ones that can be carried as a neck knife, and this one caught my eye- although I didn't know much about it.

Blade steel is 1084 High Carbon, the handle is polycord wrapped, and comes with a very nice concealex sheath. Also included is a removable two position belt loop and a neck cord.

The cord wrapping is really very nicely done and lends a solid feeling yet comfortable grip. In fact, I was thinking as I was looking it over, "hey, this reminds me of the cord wrap how-to I saw on the Running Dog Knives site when I was looking to wrap my Arclite..." As it turns out, after some searching, it is that cordwrap! I dug up this post from Running Dog:

I haven't actually used it yet, but I will say the edge could use a bit of help. It wasn't very sharp out of the box, but I imagine a bit of time on the Sharpmaker will fix that up. Also, the black coating (epoxy?) nearest the edge of the blade on one side is flaking away already- albeit in very small amounts.

I will try to borrow the camera from work tomorrow, as I'd really like to post a couple nicer pics of the knife with the sheath. Although these are just my initial impressions, I'm very pleased with the whole package, as it's really much nicer than I thought it would be. Should make a good utility knife- at least I hope. The store also had another one in stock, same size and blade style, but it was a satin finished blade with stag handle slabs.

This is my first experience with Silver Stag knives, and I hope it won't be the last. I think the combination of a skinner style blade with the cordwrap, black coating, and concealex sheath make for a unique piece. Plus, it's always nice to have a piece that's manufactured in collaboration with a fellow forumite.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this little find with you all. I'll try to post some better pics soon. Oh, yeah- the best part was the price- $60.00.


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Hey, I'm glad you liked your knife...Thanks for the review...

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