Simonich BG42 Wambli Kit


Oct 3, 1998
Rob sent me a gift a few weeks ago..a Wambli kit in BG42 with my favorite wood for handles. This was a surprise and typical Rob, he was being mischevious and testing me.

Snakewood ( Piratinera guianensis S. America)is extremely hard and difficult to work, it burns to black color easily with power tools; the kit had Corby bolts so they can't be ground down....have to be hacksawed and then filed down and the whole thing worked with sandpaper. All he said was "the handles have to be 90% done before attaching them and keep heat production to a bare minimum...oh yeah, make the pommel exposed"

So, here it is....I took the blade to 600 grit and then finished it off with a green scotchbrite pads. Four coats of carnuba, each heated with my blowdryer and worked in.
I am having problems with making a kydex sheath though so that will take some time to work out

Sharpened it up and it is scary! I don't know if this means anything, but the blade has a clean crisp "ring" when tapped, (don't know the musical note
)....that is sure cool
Click the pic if you want it bigger
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That's beautiful DC !!! Just wonder if Rob will have similar kit in Talonite...

Really nice, I like it! The exposed pommel seems to add something to it (If I hadn't seen it, I would have said that an exposed pommel would detract rather than add).

Thanks for posting.
Hey man, that's beautifull.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
Thanks guys.

Working on that damned sheath today, hope to have it done by the end of the day.
BTW...Not a good idea to ever pay me to make a kydex sheath
Excellent is all I have to say! DC was definetly up to the challenge. The blade was a good pain scraper and now it has evolved from a catapiller into a butterfly. Shoot, want to move up here and go to work in my shop? he he he

Congrats on the finish work. The blade just glows. Ya really have to look long and hard to find such a versatile blade shape like that drop point. Cleaning game and fish,camp chores, and in the blink of an eye...tactical-lovetap pommel strikes for greedy pepperoni plunderers around the tent.
DC and Rob. Real nice job all around.
P.S. How long is the blade.....4"?

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <----<
Yeah, right Rob..

Knowing you you'd lock me in a room full of kydex, a ball peen and 2 yr back log list for sheaths.

I'm seriously thinking about whacking one of my neighbor's steers and trying leather hehehe
(hmmmm....then I could try the blade out....and it is supposed to thunderstorm tonight....hmmmmm)
3.5+ actual cutting edge. Yep, drop-points and weehawks are my absolute fav for users.

I made a Cetan for my brother and he adores it. Ain't gonna let him see this one
Dona, Just time the thunder exactly with the shot from the Mini 14, and dont froget to take the brains if you are going to make leather! I can also show you how to do that. Us Redmen usually have the women brain the hides but with this new age us warriors have had to learn also!
Lock you up with a room full of Kydex and a ball peen? Never, no way I would lock you up with a tool you could break out with! he he he


Come on, fess up <please>
.... don't ya really like the dimensions, feel, balance, etc. of the Wambli a tad more than the Cetan???

You know why I ask.... I'm the one that got Rob to "stretch" the Cetan out to the dimensions you've now had a chance to play with. Rob says that I'm its daddy. Me? I love mine in Talonite. Now if I can only speed Rob up a tad with the handle upgrade he's doing on ol' Talonite #1
. (Rob- just kidding guy).


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!


I told Rob that this could very well be the perfect hunter's is begging to be blooded and create many meat meals. It is light, extremely controllable and truly razor sharp...perfect for game larger than 100 lbs. A hunter's scalpel as it were.
I like medium and smaller knives, having cleaned and skinned a few deer with a SAK. I think its too big for rabbits and upland birds so it won't replace the Cetan, but this is a serious user and keeper. Did I mention it rings? Seriously, it makes a musical note...if I wasn't tonedeaf I could figure out which God, a blade that feels this way, is frightenly sharp and makes music!

Appreciate the candor
! I too believe it is quite close to a perfect hunters knife and of course my well known position on Talonite made my Wambli a perfect union.

I'm really glad you were given the presento by Rob. You did a marvelous job and I of course have enjoyed your comments. It's always nice to have ones position validated by the experiences of others.


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

WOW what a looker!!!! That is one sweet looking blade. Rob's work is outstanding!!!
DC's work is very much the same...
Awesome is about all I can think to say!!!

Trace Rinaldi
Owning two of your pieces myself, and knowing the excellent work you do, this is high praise indeed. All I can add myself is ditto marks, so ", ". Beautiful knife.

Don LeHue

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