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Jan 19, 1999
Just wanted to let you all know about the great service I've received so far from Rob Simonich. I emailed him regarding a Cetan Tanto that I wanted made in D2 with a flat grind and green and black micarta handles. He very promptly responded back to me regarding my request with price, wait time and other requested information. I then emailed him with some other info and he responded right back! It took me a week of Sundays to get things straight with a few other people I've dealt with. I've sometimes waited weeks to get a response to questions to other dealers and makers. I'm pretty darn happy to have gotten my questions answered so quickly! My order is in and I can hardly wait!!



Rob is a real pleasure to deal with and his quality is top notch too! I wish I could have talked you into going for a few more bucks and trying the knife in Talonite rather than D2, not that there is anything wrong with D2 at all. Talonite is a super edge holding non-corrosive cobalt alloy. Rob made the Wambli (a stretched Cetan) for me in Talonite. The Cetan tanto is also available in Talonite as well. Either way, great choice on a knife and great maker to create it for you. You'll be well pleased!


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My encounter with Rob has also been very pleasant. He has been very helpful in answering my queries and providing useful information very promptly. And guess what, I haven't even placed an order with him yet and that shows he is really serious in getting the right product for the customer.

I think I'll send in my order soon. :)

I agree wholeheartedly, Rob is a pleasure to deal with, I'm waiting for mine too. I like his website too, but the "Parasite" feature is really neat. Check it out if you've not been there.
Not only is Rob a good knifemaker, but he's also a Sponsor. In fact, he donated a Cetan neck knife that is going to be given away next month, and we really appreciate that.


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Rob has become my new favourite knife maker after useing the two knives I have bought from him thus far. I agree with the bald dude. The Cetan in Talonite cuts like crazy. I have not managed to get it to start loseing it's edge yet. I thought cutting metal banding would slow it down but no dice. Sliceing cardboard with it is not even a challenge. Thanks agian Rob for another wonderful knife!


Tom Carey
I add in my support for Rob as well, I discussed with him my knife needs awhile back and he was very easy to work with and made sure I was going to get the design that would work best for me (a slightly modified Wambli in 3/32 Talonite). I also became interested in a larger fixed blade with Talonite and has kept contact with me in that regard.