Jun 25, 1999
PIKUNI's ROCK! I have a D-2 blade Micarta handled Pikuni from Rob that is my most often carried neck knife, a baby Pikuni(a.k.a. the Nighthawk)with a 2.5" talonite blade & carbon fiber scales and a Talonite Pikuni with Ringed Gidgee wood handles that arrived on Friday( thanks Rob - it is a fantastic Christmas present). The new one is the same design specs as the D-2 with the exception of the handle scales which I had asked Rob to make thicker to fill the hand a little better. The new one is gorgeous & finished as close to perfection as I've seen - the scales are just the right amount thicker to enhance the grip & control without making it print under a shirt. Rob seems to have an instinctive feel for what is right & will meet a customer's wishes.

The Pikuni is the BEST neck knife I have handled or used bar none - the size is optimum for everyday utility & carry - it does not imprint much when worn under a shirt - the ergonomics of the handle allow a comfortable & secure grip regardless of which grip it is being held. There is enough of a
guard to provide a secure grip without worrying about sliding up onto the blade( even on the Nighthawk which is scaled down from the Pikuni), the thumb ramp is comfortable but provides a secure purchase when cutting, even in extended use. The handle offers basically a 3-finger grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and the small hook at the rear prevents sliding off the end when pulling. The handle is one of the best designed & most well thought out I have found in knives of any size & shows that Rob designs his knives to be used & knows what works.

The blade design is great for utility use( whether steel or Talonite) - there is a nice drop & enough belly for slicing with enough of a point to allow fine detail cutting. The
D-2 holds a great edge, rarely needs to be touched up & cuts like a son-of-a-gun. This reflects Rob's excellent heat treat & grinding that is already renowned in the knife industry. The Talonite Pikuni & Nighthawk both came incredibly sharp & with superb grind lines. They both have been used extensively to cut synthetic leather backed with foam padding & cardboard boxes & have yet to need sharpening. I have a rapidly growing collection of Rob's knives & have never found one of his blades to be less than superb - his attention to detail on everything he does is great & the Pikuni is every bit as good as on his more expensive knives. The Nighthawk(2 1/2" blade) is as sharp as any knife in my house( including my RJ's) and the new Pikuni is right up there.

Rob also does a great job on the Concealex sheath for the Pikuni - can be carried in any position without worry of it coming out but still allowing easy access & extraction from the sheath. Quality work!

The bottom line is that the Pikuni is one great little knife and is a standard bearer as far as neck knives go - there are others that certainly are the equal of the Pikuni but I am not aware of any that offer more as an all-around utility knife. It should be on any neck knife lovers wish list, plus Rob is so great to work with.

Have a nice day!
Kind of like 'em myself.



Top one is Talonite with Blue Jigged Bone scales. Picked it up during a visit with Rob this past June.

Second one is D-2 which Rob brought me at the Blade Show.

If I'm not mistaken, I think Rob told me I was the first to get one.

As Penguin says, great neck knife.


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Bill - great review! I agree with your sentiments about the Pikuni. I've got one in Talonite and carbon fiber, with another currently en route with D2-E and G-10 (Rob made another up from me after hearing my REKAT Pikuni troubles). It's probably the best neck knife design I have come across so far, as the handle is plenty comfy and its contours helps to hold the hand in place and the blade plenty useful. Speaking of Rob's sheaths I think the extra touch he does threading the ball chain through the paracord not only makes the Oikuni comfortable to wear, but also eliminates the "maracas effect" of the naked ball chain clacking up against the Concealex when you move around

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Thanks for the review. When did you get the Nighthawk?

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I know how you feel about them - your comments last summer led me to change my order & get the Talonite Pikuni - the Ringed Gidgee scales are gorgeous - I almost didn't get it cause Rob's wife fell in love with it!
Thanks for the pictures - I will try to get picures up next week - have to borrow friend's camera.

James, good to hear from you! I got the Nighthawk two weeks ago - Larry had promised me #1 ages ago & when Rob mentioned he had shipped the first order I made the necessary arrangements - I love it - super little knife!

Have a great Holidays!