sincerest form of flattery

Jul 24, 2008
I am a big fan of the looks of Kershaw knives, as well as few others, well I should amend that to the Zero toerance knives specifically.

I say the looks because they are nit imported into my little country, I am keen to purchase one but without feeling it in my hand I am a reluctant to shell out for it.

I have just sold a pile of my old knives though and am looking to buy a new one or two, a fixed blade and a folder.

Well for the folder i really like the look of the ZT 0301, green handle, titanium and the blade shap-I really like the blade shape.

I also like the ZT0121 (any reviews of this) and the 0100 (also looking for a review), however the 0121 seems a litlle small and the 0100 seems a little big-also I do not really like the look of the handles.

I definately like the look of the chilli handles of the mercworx knives but the price of their recurves seems stupid! Also not available in my country.

Anyway taking pen to paper i decided to see what i liked - I made a paper version that has the 0121 half circle finger guard and choil hook, the handle from the mercworx golgotha chili and the thumb ramp from the sniper, the blade shape i took from the TAD version of the 0300, i made it longer (5.11 inches or 13 cms), slightly more recurve and also instead of a swedge it is fully sharp halfway alonf the blade and blunt the rest for holding or using a baton on.
The sheath i am going to make very similar to the 0121 but witout the molle atatchment, maybe a tekloc or something similar with multi positioning. The handles I am thinking g10, either black or dark green. Mil specing on the blade similar to the 0301/0302 ala strider.

Blade is going to be D2, fully tempered, and about 5 or 6 mm thick, the whole design i ofered up to a custom maker over here, told him who and what inspired me (Ken Onion, Zero tolerance, Strider and mercworx).

He said he would have a play with my design and get back to me, the angle of the grind is the hard part apparently - said maybe two to three months.

So now i am thinking i might get me a 0301 to tide me over in the meantime, plus if its as tough as you guys and gals seem to think it sounds like one hell of a knife!!
Mar 17, 2008
having someone make a knife just the way you want it must be great! I have a 0300 on the way and I hope it lives up to the hype too!

If he makes you a knife you must post pics!!!
Feb 27, 2008
I have an ZT301 and have a ZT0300 TAD GEAR Desert Camo one on the way. It is a big bad knife. I think you will be pleased. Did I say it was BIG?