sirupati/WWII available! cheap!


Sep 19, 2000
I've ended up with some duplicate models(see previous posts!) and I'd really like to trade for another HI khukuri,Uncle was kind enough to let me post here,and any cash offers will go directly to him to finance my new AK! here's what I've got.

20" Sanu chiruwa sirupati,horn,2 1/4lb!gone to Roger.

shop 1 WWIIgone to john Many thanks all!

both have had their buttcaps rounded but are otherwise in great shape!

I'm looking for 20" AK,or? make offer
Thanks, Brent

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ATC--Your email address is no good. Please email me with prices and pics , if possible.

Man atc, you and I must think alike cause I'm looking for a 20" AK in trade for my WWII. The WWII is somewhat similar to my GS so I'm in search of more beef.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Tnaks for the pic, Uncle Bill. Now I know what you are talking about and yeah I need one of those. If only I can find more money somewhere, somehow....
I can't believe I've gotten no offers! BTTTone time. these are great knives!
OK uncle,I think I'll just hold on to them as spares since nobody wants to trade. Thanks again for letting me post this here.I guess I'll just have to save my pennies for a new AK.
Brent you can post your "for sale" knives in the for sale forum under the knife exchange index.
I think you can also post
"for trade" there as well.

You can also post them in "rec.knives" on Deja News. There isn't as much traffic there, but the HI Khukuri's are at least known and respected there and like all ngs. there are more lurkers than people posting.


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Thanks guys and my apologies...didn't mean to be rude, forgive an internet newbie!Yvsa no luck yet on your burls but I'm looking.