Sisco sheaths

Mar 10, 1999
Just got my leather scabbard back from Terry.1845 Military style aged. It is for the 20" AK. I don't think i've ever seen something that impressed me more. What a beautiful piece of art work. I want to get the WW2 canvas in green with brown frogs next. You guys should really check out Terrys work.
I'm glad you liked it. That style of sheath is one of my favorites to make.
Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.
I have seen quite a lot of Terry's work and it all impresses me greatly!!!
Not only Terry's scabbard work either!!!! Terry's handles also are a wonder to behold!
I really hope that Terry is able to go full time one of these days!!
There is no one that deserves it more and it's always cool when you can make a full time living doing what you love to do!


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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Thanks for the kind words. I'm still learning alot from the old khukuris I have and from the others that I have worked on.
The Kamis and the Sarkis have quite a few tricks I have yet to figure out.
The only problem with working on something you love is that you want to keep all the cool khukuris you work on!
The full time Sarki Shop is getting closer all the time.
Again Thanks.

I feel the need for a custom khuk coming on.