Six hours with the Camillus CQB2...


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Apr 6, 1999
Certainly not enough to qualify as credible, but a full review will come.

I've been awaiting the arrival of this little knife with much enthusiasm since I heard it was coming out. Mine came from 1SKS, and quick too considering I ordered it last Friday!

A word of caution, if you're considering buying one, you might handle it first. The handle is small, which suits my hands well and is reminiscent of my beloved BM705S. A lot of people dislike the BM705 Mini-Axis because of it's poor handle purchase in a forward grip. I personally like it since it grips well for me, and is so pocketable. Thumb notches and the integral guard make for comfortable purchase for me, and the knife works well for me in the blade-in reverse grip mode ala Jim Keating. Very reminiscent in form to his reverse grip fave, the Terzoula-designed Gryphon M10 of days not so old.

The Blade-Tech concealex/kydex sheath (not sure which) was impeccable. Fit and finish is outstanding for a knife at this price point, and it's a great carry alternative to a small folder (or in my case, a great addition to folder carry). Rides BEAUTIFULLY in horizontal mode in the small of the back. The sheath facilitates all kinds of carry modes since it's got the Teck-Loc system; this is the first knife I've had with the system. If you've got a Spyderco Moran or a Camillus Talon, you already know how versatile this system is.

I got the partially-serrated version, which in my super-scientific cutting test (tearing up the cardboard box it came in) were quite effective
. The ATS-34 seems to hold its edge as well as my standard AFCK and other BM folders that have ATS; that's to say very well in fact.

Thus far, all and all, I am very impressed. I do encourage you (again) to handle it before you buy, since in my opinion this knife fits a very specific niche: a comfortable and functional alternative to a mid-sized folder.

I don't really have the capability at my disposal (not to mention I'm techno-challenged), but it would be famous if someone could post a pic of the knife below. Will Fennel with Camillus posted one over in the Camillus forum, and maybe it can be imported.

A more detailed review will follow after the CQB2 rides shotgun on a hiking excursion on the Appalachian Trail in a few weeks.

Glad you like it! Bob T. kept the handle small on the CQB2 intentionaly since it is more oc a 'concealment knife' than the CQB1. The handle or 'butt' of the knife, like a handgun, is the difficult part to conceal.

Here is your pic....


Thanks for being a customer!

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Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

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Thanks, Will! It's been almost 24 hours, and I'm still liking the CQB2!

Thank you, thank you, thank you--I'd requested a review on this knife sometime last week, but no one chimed in, till now!
Y'know, I KNEW this blade was a winner!
I'm snagging one ASAP! THANKS!
Believe me, I was one of the first to receive this knife hot off the presses. It hasn't been available for long, and bless Camillus, they sent them to the internet dealers first as opposed to a few other cutlery manufacturers I know.

You will like it! I've been carrying mine non-stop since I got it and it's doing quite well. Enjoy!

Day 3 and it's doing it's job. I received a plain-edge version today and decided I like the partially-serrated version better! Give this knife a go if you're in the market for a concealable fixed-blade!