Skinny Fat Bowie is Awesome

A little Brussels sprouts prep work for my wife Shannon so she could roast them in the oven and while I coal roasted a yellow onion and grill a pork shoulder steak with some pork chops. The SFB was used to slice up the onion and the pork on my plate.6DEDC5FB-9EDA-42D8-AC5C-C6009543FABC.jpeg
I really like this design and I have to agree with F FSA that the SFB is an awesome knife and I like to see more of these knives being made and used. I also hope that David Mary David Mary that he makes a larger version of this model. I would love a longer version with thick stock and a longer version like mine in 3/32" stock as well.
I’m going to add to this post about this wonderful knife. The first thing you will notice is mine has a full flat vex grind versus the low sabervex / Scandivex grind. The reason I went this route is I don’t like the other grind or even plain Scandi grinds as they offer me no advantage in the way I use my knives. This one has the green and black SureTouch scales which I like.
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Great looking knife. I love the green. Very nice photos to go along with your kitchen and featherstick evaluation. I think that design will be popular.

Some beach knives for this morning. I have a handful of knives in good steel for using out near the water, and this bowie has become my new first choice.
How about a little more slicing and chopping prep for my salad. I don’t know about anyone else but I love raw green onions and dill pickles in my salads.
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I've also found that this is a pretty good kitchen knife. It's good because I can use it as an all-around camp knife.

I also love the suretouch; the green was a good choice on yours.
Fantastic pattern!

Thank you!

I know he mentioned discussing it with Jarod
back in post #14 but I'm not sure if it actually happened.

I emailed him the CAD files for some SFBs and SFB XLs.

I blinked and now there’s three variations….

Haha I want to see if there is still room to make one or two of these as well, with a slightly narrower but much longer blade (squares are 1", for reference):


I've only made a made a handful of SFBs so far. Here are the ones not yet featured in this thread.

Original, January 2021:

April 2021:

May 2021:
I like your Bowie! 😎👍
When it gets all growed-up...
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This was my first David Mary knife, and the collection keeps growing!
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Ha! That really is the growed-up version. Great collection. I only have four, and 3 of them are Good Knife Co. designs, but I should be adding another before long.

I like the third from the left. Haven’t ever seen that before.
Good name. I've heard good things about the Prevail from everyone I know who has used one.

I LOVE my Prevail. It’s such a good model. Mine is in LC200N. It’s so good, I want to get other versions of it.

In addition to the excellent geometry of the blade, David does an exceptional job with the handle ergonomics.
Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm now really starting to want a serrated one for myself.