Skull Crusher Pommel

Jul 29, 2000
I just ordered an Ontario ONSP3 Spec Plus Bayonet with Skull Crusher Pommel.
It will find its place in my collection.
What other knives / bayonets are made with "skull crusher pommels"? I've tried web searches, but almost always found Ontario.

Since it apparently is not every bayonet that is equipped with such a pommel, there must be some disadvantage.
Case V-42.

Unfortunately, I think they're out of production right now.


Tom Anderson
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Ideally, a bayonet when used as intended will be attached to the end of a weapon & the idea of a "skull-crusher" would be moot. The WWI "Trench Dagger" & the WWII Fairbairn commando knife each had purpose-driven points or buttons at the pommels. There are several makers who offer "skull-crushers", Mineral Mountain & Bub Worrell to name 2 off of the top of my head (pardon the pun). I had the "skull-crusher" ground off of a Worrell custom that I designed. (Page 67 of Knives 2000- my knife is pictured) it cut into me when carried IWB. Personal preference.

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The Cold Steel Tanto series all have the "skull-crusher pommels".

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