Sliders and Screens

Busted Screens, Have you ...

  • Aways opened the glass slider and the screen behind it before using the door?

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  • Whoops, Yes I did that once, kind of embarrassing.

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  • Damned it did it again and this time i was sober, I don't bounce well.

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Mar 10, 2002
Poll, Sober or Under the Influnce have you ever:

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heyyyy. i was duped! where are the sliders?

The secret is not to clean the glass door for a few years.

+1 says the guy that learned this the hard way after his face print made the glass MUCH more visible! :( :foot: :eek:
I've done that, but I've personally seen, how an individual attempted to exit again after he failed the first time.

And doors that swing open, well I've seen a friend of mine walk into that, as in the doorway was open and to the left of her, and she attempted to exit (with considerable amount of momentum apparently) through the already opened door. One of the funniest things I've seen actually.
Lake house had sliding doors since I was a kid. Haven't done it as an adult, drunk or sober. That doesn't mean my friends haven't crashed through a few screens though!!!
I'm kindof a clutz no matter the occasion, drunk, sober, if there's a way to hurt myself doing something, I will probably find it. :p
Never. But did fall down laughing when I closed it at a friends house while we were bringing stuff in from a cookout. . . only to watch another friend walk right thru it. It was open for about 20 min. But the skeeters were coming in, so I shut it. Totally my fault. . . and danged funny.
Walked into mine one night so hard I was shocked the glass did not break. Had a good mark for about a week on my head .... and had to keep explaining to everyone how stupid I am - over and over again...

Thought about making a story up them that my wife abuses me - that at least would have sounded better . :) :) :)

And then there was the time I used the backside of a hatchet as a hammer ..........


I did open the glass door once and then walked right through the screen. Would not have been too bad but I was at a friends house at the time.:cool:
I ran through the slider when I was a kid. Not the screen, a plate glass sliding door. I received 77 stitches because of it. :eek:

Does that count? :):rolleyes: