slim outdoorsman....what do you think?

i've been looking at the dzier slim outdoorsman (for edc),found it for a reasonable price,and im probably gonna buy it with in the next month(money's tight

so what do you have to say about it?
Aug 18, 1999
I just got my first Dozier a few days ago, a Professional Guides Knife. It really is impressive. I have a feeling that no matter which Dozier you buy, you will be a happy camper. Fine, fine stuff. I have a general utility on order. Can't wait. I think you are making a wise choice.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
A fine choice

Last March I got a Slim Outdoorsman from the Doziers at the NYC show...I knew I was going to get one of Bob's knives & was having a hard time choosing. Then Mrs. D took out a red jigged bone S.O. and I got it as soon as it hit the table!
It feels alot bigger than it is (in a good way) and the horiz. kydex sheath is tops.
There are photos of the jigged bone handles on the AGRussel site...
The only bad thing about a Dozier (if it is bad) is that it won't be your only one

Get it. You will be happy.
Ebbtide out.
thanks for the replies everybody.ive got another custom on order,and as soon as i get it i think ill go ahead and order this one.turns out ag has em for the same price bob does,but with no waiting period.cant wait to get my hands on it!
It's a great small knife Mo. There was a review it it done in Blade magazine a couple of years ago that was Very positive. The Slim outdoorsman is nice, thin little utility knife with much better than average edge holding. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

I've had one for a few years. The blade is well designed for small and large game. The steel holds its edge better than most, but the handle is too short and not shaped very well. I also have a Pro Guides knife and the smaller K-9, personal utility. Both knives have curved handles that fit my hand well. I wear a medium glove. If I were to get another Dozier of that size, I would look at one with a curved handle like the K-4, straight hunter.


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I have always been more partial to Bobs blades with the round butt handle shape. The Personal Utility has a slightly broader blade and its clip point tip is pointy enough to do delicate work. The Strait Personal which has a dropped handle design is just as great a user. While not having been a big fan of finger grooves, I' ve found that the subtle design that Bob uses in both are quite functional.

The Slim Outdoorsman is very light and uses the thinnest of blade stock among all of the small models. With its high hollow grind it will slice quite well. But its classic Loveless handle shape does not wear well in my medium hands either. Neither does the larger brother, the General Utility. I like to vary my grip during work and the butts "sharp" end is a bit annoying. But to each their own. You' ll not go wrong with any Dozier. Period.


PS- as always, keep in mind that Bob uses a standard smooth finish on his micarta scales. If you' re really going to use your knives, request for a blasted finish. Or better yet, have an aftermarket checkering job done. You' ll never know what you were missing!

Bob Dozier's knives are, IMHO, the very best value in "users" out there. His treatment of D2 is simply awesome. His handle are among the most comfortable and ergonomic. His sheaths are first rate. You'll thank yourself for buying one every time you use it! I would not part with my Yukon Pro Skinner for any other knife.