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Slip Joint Web Sources

Hi Anthony, (great to have another slip joint fan here).

Hope you do not mind that I spit the thread.
My two favorites are knifeart and arizonacustomknives.
It will be interesting to see what others crop up.
Also scan Nordic knives from time to time

These dealers all carry multi-blade slip joint folders, but they do not have any consistant stock. You need to scan these web sites weekly. You are sure to find something really nice with a little patience.

As I suggested before, RO Easler makes a nice knife for a nice price. I drooled over a double bolster 3 inch Easler slip joint at knifeart for a few months before some lucky SOB bought it.

I just checked Gary Legine's site. He has a couple of Outstanding PJ Tomes tradtionals including the design that one most innovative at the Blade show this year. 52100 blade steel, lock And slip joint blades with stag. Neat little knife!
Tomes knives at Levines

Thanks Para, I forgot Gary. Another great guy to work with and the knives on his site are fantastic.
Thanks, I have found these sights already and I recently bought a single blade canoe by Ray Cover Sr. from Arizona Custom Knives. Gary Levine's sight is very nice when it comes to slipjoints. i especially like the knife made by the Sheffield maker whose name I cannot remember at this time. Are there any sites that I am missing?