Slitting saw?

Dec 4, 2001
There was a post a while back about using a mandrell and a thin saw blade to cut the linners in linner lock folders and for the life of me I can't find it.

I am looking for a place to get the mandrell and saw blade for my mill, what do yall use and what's the best for cutting ti?

Apr 4, 2001
A cheaper and I think an easier way to go is to get a 3" or 4" by 1/16th thick metal cutting wheel. The arbors that come with them are simple and will chuck up in a drill or mill. You can get the 3" or 4" cutting wheels and arbors at just about any decent hardware store. I have and have used a slitting saw for cutting the lock, I find the metal cutting wheel easier to set up and much quicker to use. It'll cost you around $6 to try both the wheel and arbor.