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Small axe, which one??


Jun 28, 1999
I'm looking for a small axe, to be use around the house. So far I'm finding John Greco's HATCH-IT seem to be a good bet, anyone owns one?? any opinions?? any other ones?? Thanks for any info!!
Take a look at the Uluchet, click on the link below. It'll do hatchet jobs and more.

P.J. Turner Knife Mfg, Inc.
Uluchet, What's an Uluchet? Find out at...

I like my Gerber Back Paxe, small (9" overall) and has a comfortable and indestructible handle. The coated high carbon blade is 2 3/4" wide, easy to sharpen and holds an edge well.
I have the Gerber SMAX, stands for small axe. It's really small but it is great. It has a really nice coating on the blade and comes with a nylon sheath.
Ruana Knives makes an excellent hatchet for approx$150.00. It feels good in the hand and works great.

I highly recommend the Gerber camp and pack axes. Very lightweight, very durable, and you get full size axe performance in a small package. Comes with a nice sheath too.
I have used lots of axes' including the ones mentioned and more. The very best small hatchet that I have is one that Donald Lange forged for me from W-2....it wins hands down with any other small ax/hatchet I have ever used or seen someone use.
They are lots of guys who forge who would make you one...mine is based on the Herter's design.
I just yesterday bought a Cold Steel Refleman's Hawk and for the money I don't think you could beat it.

Ed Caffrey forges some really nice looking 'hawks.

Or you can go with a Granfors Bruks.

There are links to all three on my page.

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

Check out my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/1770/kasperafck.html



Just saying this will probably get me drawn and quartered by the rest of the folks here, but, I have no complaints about the medium\small versions of the estwings(he says as he ducks)

I'll take a khukuri over a hatchet anyday, so my suggestion would be a Himalayan Import 18" WWII model.


Clay Fleischer
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For a small ax I like a 3/4 single bit ax, a 2 1/4lb 'boy's ax' as it's often called. They usually have a 28in handle and if you find a nice one, I have an older Collins that I like, the head is decently hardened and finished and they chop very well. They seem to run about $15 or so these days. A nice looking smaller one is the Vaughn builder's hatchet, a 28oz model that typically runs a bit shy of $30. The Cold Steel hawks look nice for maybe half again as much.
I'll second Clay's recommendation. I've owned & used quite a few hatchets, including some of those mentioned above, but I've never had one that can equal a good khukuri's performance. In fact, my HI 18" WWII model is the best kindling machine I've ever owned.



For around the house I like Estwing Axes. They make a large variety which you can find at most hardware stores.