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Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by DPC, May 1, 2020.

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    Aug 2, 2007
    Another old post:
    The Active Duty series was my entry-level Busse, but after years of other models, it's the one I keep coming back to - I keep two .125 Boney ADs indoors for kitchen work and in my home office desk drawer for general purpose tasks, a .210 Heavy Duty in the truck console, and one of several military ADs (almost as thick as the HD) on for day hikes. Like others have said, it's a near perfect EDC (I won't go into the small choil issues - some like it or don't mind it, others hate it - personal taste).
    That said, I do carry a Game Warden at work downtown and for city wear because of its smaller size and friendlier appearance to non-knife folks. It also fits better in my flight suit or flight jacket pocket - like the one in my avatar photo.

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    Finally:There's some info in this thread

    The best way without calipers is the size of the talon hole, as ceiw stated.

    The plunge line is higher on the HDs than MADs.

    As I recall JimmyJones and Jaxx, as well as other old Hogs here, are the real experts on Active Duties - Hope these posts helped!
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    Words from The Man:
    "The Busse Company Store Heavy Duty answers the call for those who prefer a thicker blade for every day carry. The .211" thick blade features a 2/3 height flat ground blade for excellent cutting geometry and exceptional strength in such a light blade."

    They were available in three combos:
    Black/Black Canvas
    Tan/Tan Canvas
    Green/Black Canvas

    I suspect yours is a Black Tiger AD, an excellent knife.
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    Dec 28, 2013
    WOW amazing info, THANK YOU!!!!

    Indeed, the knife is around 4.6mm thick, which is around 0.181 in . Could be less because this is with the crinkle coating, which is thick. The saber grind is lower down compared to the HD in your pic, and the scales seem thicker in relation to the overall size, meaning a thinner spine. I was very confused at first because the crinkle coating makes the knives quite thicker.

    A black tiger.... My first thoughts were indeed that this was Tiger Hide micarta, if a bit weird because the tan canvas came on top in a way I havent seen before (on the internet), I just wasnt really sure if this was an Active, a Heavy, a later edition etc...

    I felt uneasy at first reading your last post; I bought this in mint condition and I used the heck out of it. I've split wood, pried stuff open, hammered bricks, cut a nail (accidentally)...And I thrashed an uncommon Boss Jack PROTO as well when I took it on a very snowy and wet adventure.... there's a pattern there for sure... :eek::confused:. As a collector I'd be horrified of abusing (LOVING) such rarities... I hope these awesome BUSSEs help me get over the safe queen hoarding disease. At least I'll now try to hoard rare users!

    Looking back, these knives have served me well, rare or not, and they kind of look pretty all beat up... NO REGRETS!
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    Those aren't even broken in yet. Lots of life left.
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    Dec 28, 2013
    You're right, I was too quick typing that. I kinda need a MOAB, an AXE Hammer, an INFImandu... Would a NARK be too much to ask? Some more Basics, some A2 , a Badger of some sort....

    The ride never ends.. I hope.:rolleyes:
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    Congrats on some great blades.

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