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Small fixed blade: Arclite or Becker necker?

Aug 7, 2005
I plan to start carrying a small fixed blade and I cosider those 2 (if I can find them).

Wich one would you choose and why? I also plan to teklok them and carry them on my belt.
Go for the Necker if you're going to belt carry. My 2 cents anyway.

It's a more robust knife with a larger blade. With a good cord wrap (or even some micarta custom scales), you can do a lot with that blade.

The Tek-Lok is a good option, since you can take it off and go with neck carry if you need to.
With a good cord wrap

That was in my plans too.

Neck carry is not a good idea for me. I hate to have something around my neck and a lot of people here see this as a knife ready to be deployed for SD. It looks more like a concealed weapon.
Also would recommend the BK11 ... highly. I could go on and on about what a great little knife this is, from the amazing ergonomics of the skeletonized handle, to the way it holds an edge, to the many carry options.

The way I have the sheath on my necker tied, I can wear it a variety of ways:

Standard belt carry:


Horizontal (I wouldn't wear it like this on the side, but can't take photos so well of my back :)):


Hip pocket carry with retaining cord and mini carabiner:


Front pocket carry with retainer (of course you can go without the retainer if concealment is a priority):


It carries great as a neck knife .... which BTW I generally hate anything around my neck, but the BK11 is very comfortable IMO.
I own both, though my Arclite has some micarta added to the scales. I'll try to get you a comparison pic in the next few days.
I have the no longer available D2 Arclite from agrussell ,much better steel than the standard one. The Becker steel is much better than the standard Arclite also.
I have both and the Necker is the way to go if you plan to really use it. It is much more robust and edge holding of the Arclite has not been very good in my experience.
And.... no bottle opener on the Arclite.
I have 1 A G Russell D-2 CUDA ARCLITE (nonserrated) left. I'm not going to keep it (I cant keep every thing). I may list it on ebay next Saturday if I get time.

Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
The thinner blade of the Arclite cuts better, but it is so lightly built you might as well get a folding knife. I thinned down the edge of my Necker and now it is the one I carry. It is in a different class than folders. I cord wrapped the handle using a long boot lace.