Small fixed EDC BRK vs BM


Sep 12, 2002
I really like the look of the BM activator and the BRK mini canadian.
But at the moment I can only afford one. :(
I've seen a lot of good comments in favour of the mini canadian.
The activator seems to have less attention???
Which one would be best suited for EDC (best all rounder)

Guess you all know the specs.
Jan 28, 2001
I've been carrying a Benchmade Activator for a few weeks now and at first I thought it was going to be a bit too small to be of any real use, but it proved to be an extremely functional little fixed blade. I like it alot. It's easy to carry and is small enough to go virtually unnoticed on your belt.

I've also been considering the purchase of one BRK&T's Canadians. I'm leaning a bit more towards the Mini Canadian just because of the longer handle size. I like the concept of the Mikro Canadian too since it's small enough to carry in a pocket, but still functional enough to use. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
Jan 20, 2000
If your cutting will require a sharp tip you will be happier with the Benchmade. Both the Mikro and Mini Canadians or skinners so they don't have much of a tip. Larry
Apr 7, 2003
I've not ever held one of the BRK models, but the Benchmade is a very solid-feeling little knife. I've been considering one for my own EDC FB needs. If you want to do something a bit geeky, download pics of the knives you're considering, then use open the pics in separate windows with viewing software and zoom them until they are both life size. Makes for a good way to compare two knives you can't hold, but it sometimes makes the wife roll her eyes at me. :D