Small Fixed Tactical for Pocket Carry

Nov 15, 1998
I'm looking for a small fixed knife (maybe 3.5" blade) to carry in front pants pocket. I would like it to be FULLY CONCEALED. Custom of production - I suspect the sheath would be the key.

Maybe a neck knife with a custom sheath. Is there anything out there?
I would look at Bob Dozier for a start. Great custom knives at a great price with nice concealable sheathes and if it doesn't come standard Bob makes all kinds of zydex sheathes.
There are many, but you can't go wrong with a ...Doizer or Nealy ! MY two cents worth!!
I'm sure that this is a wholely redundant datapoint that you've already given good consideration to, but were I to carry a fixed blade in my front pocket I'd want to make DAMN sure that the blade was incapable of penentrating the sheath should I stumble or fall. I'd also want to make sure that the sheath allowed for comfort of sitting and squatting.

The Scandinavians have been using swivel hook dangled puuko sheath knives as 'front pocket knives' for generations. Personally, I'd start my quest by looking at modern Scandinavian stuff, and I'd likely end it by contacting Mel Sorg with my perceived needs. Just a thought.

If by "totally concealed" you mean one that isn't fastened, then I'd want to make sure that the sheath was designed to stay in the pocket upon extraction of the blade. It's fairly common in some of the poorer designed pocket gun holsters for the pocket holster to either shift around or come out upon presentation of the arm.

A 3.5" fixed blade with any kind of useable handle at all is gonna run to at least 6.5" and maybe more like 7+" with adequate sheath. That's a heck of a lot of l o n g shank to try to hide and be comfortable yet proficient with coming out of front slacks pocket. Just another thought.


If cost were a consideration, I would wait for the BM Nimavrus cub. 3.5" blade and I think a 4" handle. Yeah, I still think that would be an uncomfortable carry in the pants for us shorter guys.

I have been pursuing almost exactly the same idea for a week or two now - I am much more restricted in possibilities by the 2.5" maximum legal blade limit in my town . . . . which means I need a wide blade to produce the most cutting edge possible for short length. With 3.5" to work with there are many options, but you're talking about something pretty bulky for the pocket, especially when shifting positions, sitting/standing, it might get uncomfortable. Makers who offer nice FB knives of the smaller sort would be Dozier, Nealy, Kevin wilkins, Rob Simonich (I'm tending towards a scaled-down talonite Cetan at this point myself), RJ Martin (his Handyman gets good reviews), Fred Perrin makes some neat small knoves with derringer handles, and . . . oh no . . I forget his name, go back 20-30 days and look for neck knife threads . . . he has nice small tantos in great-looking multi-carry kydex sheaths for something like $80, really can't beat the price. Lotta options, choosing among them is the hardest part.
Sheath - I'm trying to devise a kydex rig design that has a clip that attaches to the pocket, like most folding knives, but sinks way low into the pocket, so that the knife is inside the pocket but the sheath remains clipped in place on the draw. Problem is, with a long knife, when you sit you're likely to push the whole package out of your pocket. Still working on this . . . .
Contact James Matthis and get a Spydie Moran with the Edge Works pocket sheath. So light that you'll forget its in your pocket. The sheath is highesst quality and will stay put when you draw it. Fantastic for utility and I think plenty strong for self defense - just don't expect to use it as a pry bar.

Um, I can vouch for the Cetan

A pocket sheath for it would be neat. It is about the right size to hide neatly in the front pocket of my jeans...

For the defense oriented you can' t go wrong with the blades of Al Polkowski. His neck knives- Dingo, Hang Tight, Gaunt, to name a few and his boot model, the Backup can all double as pocket/ vest carry if desired.

Bob Dozier also gets my vote as I' ve carried his Agent belt and Skelton neck models in my front/ rear pants and coat pockets. His simple but functional shoulder rig can double as a horizontal belt sheath and a pocket sheath. Your choice of sheath at time of ordering/ purchasing.


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for the past several weeks now, i have been carrying my RJ Martin "handiman" neck knife in the right front pocket of my jeans or pants. i attached a leather lanyard to the lanyard hole, and i leave it hanging out of my pocket for easy access. it works perfectly and none of the knife shows. if i want total concealability, i will remove the lanyard or tuck it into my pocket. the sheath works perfectly for this setup and i couldn't be happier with it. the blade is 3" of D-2 steel, and the overall length is appx 7". the sheath is set up in such a way that as soon as your hand reaches for the knife, your finger finds the index in the sheath and you can slip the knife out easily. perfect for quick access whether you carry it in the pocket or as a neck knife. look at the pictures on his website at it is also fairly comfortable in the reverse grip.
also, mr. martin has said that he will be making a multicarry sheath for the "handiman" in the near future. i look forward to this.
get the "handiman", you will not be disappointed. it's versatility as a neck knife or pocket fixed blade makes it my choice for everyday carry.

I carry a Randy Martin mini kozuka in my
from pants pocket. It's 6" overall, and has never fallen out.
The kydex sheath is also very sturdy.
Fishface (I hate calling you that..

For under 2.5" fixed blade, you should check out the Perkins Knives ( that have been advertised in the forum banners. 2" blades with pocket sheaths. Really wide blades which means greater damage despite short length. Potential problem is the short handles. Listed under $70.

A REKAT utility fang with a paracord wrap is a great little knife for front pocket carry. AND you can pick one up for less than $50.00 if you shop around. It's flat, can be made very sharp if you put a little work into the edge, and made out of decently hardened 1095 steel. Mine gets used in place of a folder all the time...

Chris Canis
I purchased Sean Perkins 4" overall length knife. It is made of A-2, clay tempered, chisel ground and he has put quite a bit of work into this knife! It comes with full instructions, etc; and two sheaths.
I carry it every day now and don't even carry a folder. It is very handy and extremely strong!!
The problem is indeed the sheath. You also have to modify the pocket to keep the sheath in place.

But let me first recommend Kevin Wilkins products at
He now makes very nice neck knives in CPM420V in different sizes. And give you exactly the sheath you want.

I own - among others from him - this one in CPM440V

It has a right side chisel grind and a reinforced tip. The blade is 3.5" and the whole package with sheath is 7.5" long. Ideal for neck and IWB carrying, but a tad too long for inside the pocket. In that case you might want to get a smaller one. The sheath is a slip type and holds the knife just by friction. It doesn't have a lip and is very flat.

The best way to keep the knife secured in your pocket would be to attach the sheath to the pocket. You could either use the two holes in the sheath provided for the neck string. Or - what I would recommend - get a slip sheath without holes in the first place and glue some velcro to it (the part with the hooks). You then sew the female piece of the velcro in the pocket. Voilà, the knife is now totally concealed.

The only problem is, you have to make sure that you can't pull the pocket out when disengaging the knife. The bottom of the pocket should be attached to the leg of the pants.

I would also refrain from handle slabs. The make the knife more comfortable to hold, but add too much bulk and weight. You want the knife to be as light as possible.

Good luck with your task,