Small folding knife - reasonable price

Tjena Jonas!

Fallkniven AB is not a Spyderco reseller, at least not accordording their catalogue. But Peter Hjortberger should be able to get almost any knife you might be interested in. Check out their website at

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Tjena CC

I bought my Buck Odyssey and my Buck Lightning from Fallkniven AB. Good service and reasonable prices(for Sweden). You can't really compare the prices here in Sweden with the ones you can find on the American internetdealers websites. A friend of mine bought a Leatherman SuperTool in the US for me. It costed him/me 54$, here in Sweden they go for about 95-110$ in the shops.

They, Fallkniven, don't have any Spyderco knives in their catalog. But maybe they can as you say get these knives anyway.