Recommendation? Small neck knife in good steel.

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Terry M., Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Terry M.

    Terry M. Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    That’s not an ESEE. Ha! I’ve got a Candiru that I like but I’m looking for something in a stainless.
    I’ve been to all the major knife retailers and searched but to no avail. Possibly need to go custom? Or mid-tech? In any case, suggest away!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. ducati

    ducati Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Bark River Knives.
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  3. gazz98


    Sep 3, 2008
    Budget? Skeletonized handles or don't care? Blade length 2-3"?

    Obviously, if you go custom, you can get exactly what you want. Maybe ask a maker to do a Izula 2 or Candiru in SS. I prefer a traditional blade shape like that myself.

    Maybe something like this? I'd probably prefer a flat grind myself.
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  4. Terry M.

    Terry M. Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    Ah... m I’m sorry about that. Non skeletonized handles, preferably Micarta scales, 2-2.5” blade length. Budget? Don’t care.
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  5. Bastler

    Bastler Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 9, 2020
    Brisa (Enzo) necker.
  6. guy g

    guy g Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 22, 2000
    I second the EnZo 70. I pulled the tech lok and carry flat in my pocket. 12c27 is a pretty decent steel. It was also a staple at Bark River. I have 2 Micro Canadians and a Mini C in that steel.
    7F11DF58-BCBD-44C6-856E-9BEC276DB404.jpeg 5C54EB3D-CF9E-4C5F-A3B7-E4F870ADD1B5.jpeg 176E2C8A-70ED-41E9-BEE3-977E7D7E4FAE.jpeg
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  7. Smaug

    Smaug Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 30, 2003
    Don't complicate it. A. G. Russell Hunter's Scalpel in AUS 10. Really nice little knife, and the sheath is the nicest I've ever seen. (Blackie Collins design)
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  8. jfk1110

    jfk1110 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    Bastinelli/Fox piccolo mako in N690. Good steel easy to sharpen n holds an edge well

    5.11 brand- aus-8 steel. maintain highly corrosion resistant. Pretty low price IMG_20200222_110440.jpg IMG_20200222_110419.jpg IMG_20200223_222915.jpg
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  9. evilgreg

    evilgreg Why so serious? Gold Member

    Dec 25, 2012
    I'm loving this knife, and the button lock sheath retention is fantastic, it's not going anywhere. Here's a snapshot of mine:

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  10. aristarh


    Sep 26, 2020
  11. gazz98


    Sep 3, 2008
    That Enzo looks pretty nice but if that is your budget, I'd say go custom. That way you can pick your steel, blade length and shape, handle length and thickness, scale material (I wish more people used micarta too), etc. Hopefully the maker does kydex too. A good sheath is obviously a must for neck carry.
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  12. eveled

    eveled Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 11, 2016
    897CC150-D720-40B6-A675-570BED16850E.jpeg B16DF776-6824-42CA-8445-43258A13A2C6.jpeg 82CB7681-1418-4904-87F7-467EFF115701.jpeg Randall model 10/3. Great little knife. I’ve worn it in the factory sheath around my neck tip down. I think of mine as a baby kephart.

    Check out the curves on the handle that’s the secret to making a small knife work in a big hand.
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  13. Shotgun


    Feb 3, 2006
    Bradford G3 with 3D scales.
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  14. jeepin

    jeepin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2003
    White River Knives M1 Caper in S35VN would be a great choice.

  15. fishface5


    Feb 3, 2001
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  16. Terry M.

    Terry M. Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    This is the one! Thank you!
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  17. DMG

    DMG Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 30, 2005
    or the Backpacker
  18. Terry M.

    Terry M. Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    Got my new necker.
    Thanks for all your help

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  19. JJ_Colt45

    JJ_Colt45 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    This is my favorite fixed blade in this size range. I think you'll be happy with it congrats.
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  20. cbach8tw

    cbach8tw Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    Don't forget to give us an update once and awhile.

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