Small Sebenza handle treatment

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Fellow formite LarryLuana added a little something to his new style small Sebenza and thought I'd pass it along, he didn't have a scanner so he had a polaroid of it taken so I could see where this eagle has landed on his handle, it's sterling silver and uses the extra hole in the handle to mount it in.
One way to dress up the folder!



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My wife thinks that the extra hole is to mount a gem stone in. I love that woman.

I want to thank G-2 for posting this picture of what I did to cover up the guide hole in the scale.
I wanted my own idea of a decorated Sebenza, without alot of expense, but not knocking what Chris Reeve does with his knives, because they cannot be surpassed.
Anyway what I did is I took a sterling silver pendant made for a necklace, and snipped off the loop for the chain, and then soldered a pin or stud if you will on the back, and the white innercore of tv coax over the pin, and superglued it. Then put a drop of silicone rubber sealer on the piece of white innercore, and inserted it in the hole. The pin and innercore is cut flush with the inside of the handle scale to not hit the blade.
I let it set overnight, and been carrying, and using it ever since, with no slippage, or any other problems due to the elements of handling, or water, etc.
The scales have had the beadblast removed by using a fine sanding sponge, and water.
This is just my own way of dressing up a small Sebenza, and not to take away from Chris Reeve, as nobody can make one more pretty or attractive than he.
Larry (LarryLuana)

PS- Hope I'm not out of place to posting on this thread, and am not in the wrong forum. If so I apologize.