Small Sebenza vs REKAT Pioneer II

May 5, 1999
Ok, so this may be a strange comparison considering the large price difference but I since I received both the knives on the same day they begged for a comparison.

Small Sebenza:
Well, what can I say about this one that hasn't already been said. It's a great office carry size that is nearly without fault. Great edge geometry and the thing seems to cut forever without loosing its ability to cause the hair to just jump off my arm. The high clip location along with the blend-in type of color draws very little attention at the office. I even used it to pick out a sliver in a meeting today and no one there even flinched. (I did trying to get out the d*mn sliver though!)

REKAT Pioneer II:
As others have said on this forum I was somewhat confused about what to think of this knife when it first arrived. Compared to the Sebenza the quality certainly looked a little rough. After using and and carrying the knife the most glaring feature is it's feeling of it's extreme ruggedness. Due to it's weight, blade thickness, handle size, and lock this thing actually makes the small Sebenza feel a little flimsy. Imagine that!! The model I have is the clip-point coated blade. So far, based on what I have cut, there has been no scratching of the coating. A bonus is that when cutting packing tape the gummy residue does not stick to the blade. The handle is very reminiscent of the BM Stryker which is to say one of the best I've handled in quite some time. Lock-up has been flawless and passes a good solid whack on my workbench without failing. The first couple days the opening was a little gritty but that has since smoothed out very nicely.

Overall this is a knife that begs to be used hard!

Now for the nit-picks. The blade is not the sharpest out of the box. At least the grind is good and once touched up the knife cut through four large cardboard boxes without any hint of dulling.
The clip: my only nit here is that it could be mounted a little higher up on the handle. Even though the clip looks a little kludgy it certainly is tough, just like the rest of the knife.

Between the two knives they have each found their respective roles. The small Sebenza has become my everyday office knife that will probably outlast me. The Pioneer is my pick for weekends where I need a tough, show no mercy work knife.

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Don't baby that Sebenza! I am impressed with how tough the REKAT is, but you will find that the Sebenza will match it in the strength and reliability department, and still be razoer sharp a long time after the PII needs a proper Rodgering.


Thanks James! I've used the Sebenza so much this last week that I had to touch up the edge on my Sharpmaker. With only a few strokes on each side the edge is so sharp that it will take the skin off my arm! I found that out when trying to shave off hair. Off went the hair and the top layer of skin!!