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Small Sebenza

Dec 19, 1998
Don't know if this is the right place to ask ,anyways, I'm thinking about purchasing a Small Decorated Sebenza. I've seen the undecorated and decorated and was wondering if there is a difference in the base finish of the handles. The decorated ones look brighter to me...?

Also was wondering what would be a fair price for a small decorated one. I've seen them for $290.00 (internet) undecorated and $380.00 decorated (retail knife shop).

Thanks in advance

I've got a small decorated Sebenza with a Damascus blade. I believe the reason the decorated ones would look different is that all of the ones I've seen have a polished titanium scale, where the regular one is not polished. However my decorated one does not have both scales polished just the side that is decorated.

As far as price goes, I believe that the difference in price generally is only due to what extend the decoration covers or how much extra effort went into it.
Decorated Sebenzas have a machined surface on the side of the handle with the decoration. The other side is like any stock Sebenza, matte finish. The blade on the decorated version, is, of course, polished but not highly. These machined or polished surfaces are elegant ++ ! Is this worth the price differential? Those of us who have one undoubtedly think so. The "one-of-a-kind" decoration really makes this special, albeit, not custom! By the way, the machine work of the decorations is, like the rest of the knife's construction, perfection!