Small sharpeners for light carry

MDP: I think my Gatco Tri-Seps is similar to your Lansky..if so, it seems too coarse to get a nice polish on the edge. And the 204 with diamond sleeves sounds sweet indeed (glad to see you were able to get the sleeves), but a bit more than I'd want to carry.

Sal: I'm interested in the small stones...I sent you email for more details.
I like the little DMT diamond folding sharpener. It's only about 2.5" long by 1" wide and folds up. Very light and very effective.

Benefit of the DMT diamonds is that it is durable and won't break in your pack like stone or ceramic.

Prefer the course for big blade touch up, and the fine for folders.

Also have a an old Chicago Cutlery portable steel. Extremly compact and light. Only about 5" x 1/2" and the steel screws into handle for storage.
I found the EZ-Lap card style sharpeners at the store yesterday, and they had them in grades SF,F,M,C but was disappointed in the SF card which was darned coarse for a SuperFine (more so than my cheap fine grit India stone).

Also, the cards seem like they need to be put on a table to use well. They're hard or at least inconvenient to use otherwise(unless I'm missing something).

Ron1: I forgot that the DMTs came in small sizes also. I might check one out if I run into one.

The search goes on.

I carry a SF card in my wallet along with a JSP Credit Card blade. The rough surface you experienced on the card will wear off after initial use. A flat file can also be used to remove the course surface of new EZ-Lap sharpeners with just a few strokes.
I usually carry an EzLap "pen" sharpener. Small, super light and as easy to carry as well..a pen. I have no problems making em shaving sharp and the flat that`s on one side of the rod makes two corners that fit into most serrations quite well. Best of all I paid around $6 for it. Marcus
Marcus, I'll look into those pen sharpeners also. Wonder if they'll let me into a courthouse with a sharpener (not that it'd make any sense to have one without a knife
... got jury duty in 2 weeks).

Colin: Thanks for that tip. The card is on a fairly rigid but thin metal plate. Maybe if I get one and prime it as you suggested, I can glue it to my palmtop computer to permanently fix a hinge crack. Then the computer could serve double duty as a benchstone