Smaller Military?

Feb 9, 1999
I know that Military fans have united,
but what are your thoughts on a smaller one. I think it would be well accepted! For those of us that like a bit smaller knife for daily carry. Say 3 1/8" blade, with a 4" handle? Not sure of the ratio. What do you think?
I'm with you. I prefer smaller blades 3" or less (because of laws)and the fact that when I've got one of my bigger blades I see people get bug-eyed and swallow hard. Not always bad, sometimes followed by "now that's a knife" let me see that thing. I have came very close to buying the Military even with its larger size, but have resisted. If they come with a smaller I'd buy for sure.
Me too! I like smaller blades. But, I have two Militarys... Best folder for the money! It is big, but fits the hand well, great ergonomics, great steel. Now, make it smaller! I would buy one (or two...)!!
Smaller one would be perfect for me. Looks like you get a full sized one though! Congrats.
A smaller version is kind of what I've been waiting for. I find mid-sized folders more comfortable to carry, and like many others, I get tired of having to tip-toe around when I need to use a big folder with other people around. "Jeez, what are you gonna do, kill a buffalo on the way to your car?"
It would also be THE perfect folder if it has a rolling lock! Jim
Bart, go to your room!

Not a chance! the military is designed to funtion as a folding military knife. It is one of a vary few folder that actually fits my oversized paws, particularly after the last dozen years or so of High Impact Activity. Yes, I am going to Kill a buffalo on the way to the car, wanna come? There are plenty of smaller blades on the market already and the integral guard and pommel retainer on the Military will be severely diminshed should it be made smaller. Just my little ole opinion here and seemed like a thread I wouldn't screw around with too much. I like smaller folders for carry as they don't scare the clients, but I need a bigger handle I guess.
Parker, I'll be good if you let me out! Actually, making a smaller one would in no way compromise you big one
Its just that I bet most people that have them aren't in the military? I do realize that alot of people wouldn't want a smaller size, but such a classic design would be too cool! There are many models in two sizes. Could have a big for the woods and a small for the nite on the town. Why not have both?